8 Aspects on How to Estimate PCB Assembly

23 Jan, 2022

By ren

But why is having an exact estimate of how much a PCB assembly will cost so important? To begin with, knowing the entire costs of PCB assembly might aid in the budgeting process for your PCB project. Second, once you know how much you'll have to pay on a single printed circuit board, you may always look for ways to save money.

At WellPCB, we go above and beyond to make sure that our customers get the best products at the best prices. We build and deliver PCBs directly from our plant, avoiding the need for middlemen who could raise costs and PCB assembly lead time. Our prototype manufacturing services are also less expensive than those offered by other PCB manufacturers. You can always count on us for the greatest deals, no matter how big or small your order is. The phrase "PCB bare board" refers to the condition of a PCB before it gets electronic components and through holes in PCB parlance.

As a result, before contacting a PCB manufacturer with his demands, a customer should have a comprehensive awareness of numerous cost estimating elements. This aids the app's user in better planning and pricing his PCB projects. When you're just starting in the PCB sector, it can be difficult to figure out how to estimate PCB assembly expenses. When it comes to pricing PCBs, there are various factors to consider.

Most significantly, the entire cost of PCB assembly aids in determining the final product pricing. In this helpful post, you will come to know how to estimate SMT in eight different ways. This will make it easier for a pick-and-place machine to pick and position elements on the PCB. Continue reading to find out more.

 Send Your File to a Reputable PCB Manufacturer

Contacting a PCB manufacturer with plenty of industry experience and requesting a circuit board assembling quote is one of the best ways to evaluate PCB manufacturing costs. Ascertain if the manufacturer has sufficient resources and employs the most up-to-date SMT technology). This will make picking and placing components on the PCB (PCB assembly) much easier for a pick and place machine.

To create a precise SMT, this will make it easier for a pick and place machinery to pick and position the parts on the PCB.

when requesting a PCB assembly estimate, the supplier will often ask for information on:

1. The number of boards available

2. The materials list 

3. RS-274X Gerber files

4. Files for assembling

5. Information about the centroid

6. Any special requirements

The BOM should be sent in Microsoft Excel format to the majority of suppliers. Make certain that all of the needed columns are included. The designator, company's name, part number, part description, the number of pieces, package information, and other details are included in the columns. Highlight parts in the BOM that you don't want to be included in the assembly or purchasing process.   

Figure out how much your PCBA will cost

3D Printed circuit board Printing not only creates the PCB, but also the Printed Circuit Board Assembly. A growing number of PCB part makers have been looking for ways to make their clients' lives easier throughout the years. One method is to make an online calculator available on the company's website to determine how much PCB production costs. When you've found a manufacturer you want to work with, don't be afraid to use their calculator to estimate how much the SMT will cost. This will make picking and placing components on the board much easier for a pick and place machine.

Cost of PCB Assembly–Determine Order Quantity

One of the first rules of economics is that order volume has a major impact on the price of a commodity. In general, a lower order quantity lower PCB assembly costs. This regulation also applies to the assembly of printed circuit boards. For example, at a pricing of $3.025 per unit, ten units of a basic 50mm × 50mm 2 layers will set you back $30.25. You'll spend $30.15 if you increase the order to 30 units at $1.005 a unit. This saves you a lot of money on the production side. It's an excellent choice for businesses searching for low-cost SMT. This will make picking and placing components on the PCB much easier for a pick and place machine.  

Consider board types When Calculating PCB Assembly Costs

The total cost of a PCB assembly is heavily influenced by the number of panels on the board. Generally, the cost of a PCB rises as the number of layers grows. To put it another way, adding a layer to a circuit board increases the cost of the board. A double-sided 50 by 50 mm PCB costs around $16 from some vendors. I'd like to learn more about ordering custom PCB Circuit boards over the internet. You can contact us at Well PCB for the PCB board you require; the cost of a single-sided circuit board is often lower, which can save you money.

 The Cost of PCB Assembly Is Influenced by the Type of Raw Materials

Manufacturers of PCBs use a variety of materials with outstanding corrosion, wear, and tear resistance. For PCB assembly, the great majority of PCB manufacturers use FR-4. While FR-4 is ideal for the majority of applications, alternative materials are equally temperature tolerant. These materials are FR-4 rated. FR4-TG150 is one such element, which costs around 5% more than FR-4. FR4-TG175, on the other hand, will often raise the entire PCB assembly cost by 10%.

Consider the Surface Finish When Assembling PCBs

The nature of the PCB application is frequently harsh. As a result, circuit boards must be protected by corrosion-resistant surface coatings. To make the PCB assembly more robust, PCB makers use highly sophisticated surface coating, painting, and finishing techniques.

On request, some PCB makers may use gold and silver finishes. Such coatings provide the highest levels of protection, which is especially useful if the PCB will be used in high-stress industrial applications. capacitance disk loading material change is achieved by clustered PCB conductors forming a virtual capacitance. Finally, the type of surface finish you select has an impact on the overall fixed costs of PCB assembly.

Cost of PCB Assembly–Reviews on Websites

For those wishing to buy things, the internet has proven to be a reliable source of vital information over time. There are currently thousands of product review websites dedicated to giving customers all of the information they require on products, including costs.

Look for top professional electronic websites and compare PCB assembly prices from different manufacturers. You might also use these websites to share your PCB ideas and receive feedback and comments. Estimate how much you'll spend on PCB assembly using the information you've gathered.

However, there is a disadvantage to sharing your thoughts on the internet. The possibilities of your PCB layout complexity ideas leaking are extremely high.

PCB Assembly Cost– Consider Inspection Charges

A variety of stringent inspections are performed at the end of the PCB assembly process to verify that it meets the highest quality standards. These checks include the following:

1. Electrical evaluation

2. Testing with ions

3. Impedance analysis

Examination fees might add roughly 10% to 15% to the overall project cost. Some producers who are striving for low-cost PCB assembly may be perplexed as to why they need to spend money on PCB inspection and testing. It's important to remember, though, that the goal of low-cost PCB assembly should always be to minimize costs without sacrificing final product quality. Before PCBs hit the market, a comprehensive examination is required to ensure that the final PCB assembly is of the highest quality by exposing any defects or mistakes.

Visual inspection is one of the most used inspection procedures.

  1. Optical Inspection (Automated) (AOI)
  2. automated X-ray inspection (AXI)

Reducing PCB assembly cost

When shopping for an electrical item, you always look for the most cost-effective and high-quality options. It's the same thing you should do when thinking about a PCB assembly. Keep in mind that your choices will have an impact on the final cost of PCB assemblies.

The following are some of the most cost-effective strategies to keep PCB assembly costs low:

1. Reducing the number of PCB components

2. Reducing PCB board design complexity

3. Purchasing big quantities

4. Using a straightforward design

5. Choosing the most cost-effective service


Engineers evaluate PCB assembly costs using a variety of parameters. That's because the cost is a major consideration when it comes to producing electronic products. The good news is that you can estimate how much a PCB assembly job will cost so you can budget appropriately. All you have to do is think about a few key elements that influence PCB assembly costs. The ability to reduce costs during PCB assembly might help your company become more profitable. Working with the proper PCB maker is an excellent method to keep prices low. PCB assembly Cost Breakdown seems to be worried about how they may cut their production costs all around the world.


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