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Europe PCB ECMS builds a highly specialized team, uses automation, informatization, digitization, and intelligent means to gather PCB production capacity, combine production, and share manufacturing, greatly improving PCB production efficiency
Europepcb helps users reduce PCB procurement costs, improve product quality, speed up delivery, and gain market competitive advantages.

Some samples show:

2-layer blue oil immersion gold process
2-layer blue oil immersion gold process
4-layer board green oil immersion gold process
4-layer board green oil immersion gold process
6-layer board photosensitive black oil immersion gold
6-layer board photosensitive black oil immersion gold
3-layers green oil immersion gold soft and hard combination
3-layers green oil immersion gold soft and hard combination

4-layer board green oil spray tin process
4-layer board green oil spray tin process
FPC flexible board
FPC flexible board

Some samples show:

2-layer blue oil immersion gold process
4-layer board green oil immersion gold process
6-layer board photosensitive black oil immersion gold
3-layers green oil immersion gold soft and hard combination

4-layer board green oil spray tin process
FPC flexible board

Process Capability:

  ltem   Parameter
  Minimum Line Width / Minimum Line Spacing(mil)   3/3(Finished copper thickness:0.5OZ)
  Minimum ring width(mil)   (Via Hole)3mil
  (Via Hole)3mil
Minimum Finished Aperture   Board Thickness < 2.0mm0.2mm
  Board Thickness < 1.2mm0.1mm
  Board Thickness ≤ 2.0mm
  Maximum board thickness Single, double-layer board 8.0mm
Multilayer board 8.0mm
Minimum board thickness Single and double layers
Four-layer board 0.2mm
Six-layer board 0.4mm
Eight-layer board 0.6mm
Ten-layer board 1.0mm
Biggest size Single, double-layer board 600*1100
Multilayer board 600*1100mm
maximum number of layers 12 layers
Solder mask Solder mask opening(mil) 2/4 
Green oil bridge(mil) 4 
Color: white, black, blue, green, yellow, red, etc.
  Character Minimum line width(mil) 5/8 
Color: white, yellow, black, etc.
Surface coating Spray tin, electroplating nickel/gold, chemical nickel/gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, anti-oxidation, spray pure tin, etc.
Board type  FR4, high frequency sheet, PTFE, aluminum base, copper base, thick copper foil, halogen free material, Arlin, Rogers
Mixed media lamination, flexible board, rigid-flex board

It is happening for many months that you are hearing a lot of things about China PCB manufacturer. But you were not sure about that which one is the best choice for you? As an electronic manufacturer surely you may come across a large number of choices to make as far as the manufacturing of electronic devices is concerned. But still, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are your first choice when it comes to making excellent designs for your electronic products. By keeping in view all these arguments now you can completely understand the importance of PCBs and are willing to use one. But some question arises:

How do you come to know about it?

Do you know any cheap China PCB manufacturer that can design the type of circuit board you need for you and follow your choice? If such questions are popping in your mind then don’t worry you are at the right place to get a huge amount of information about PCBs, PCB manufacturing, PCB prototype, and we are also here for you to design the PCB of your choice and requirement. There is no doubt all the manufacturers in china add value to your electronic products outstanding. But before

What Does PCB mean?

I know you are hearing the word PCB for a long time in a short time. Here I will give you the entire information behind this single word PCB. You surely wanted to know why leading electronic companies are using PCB assembly to design their products such as Samsung. You feel surprisingly different that you are not only the single person who is searching for a PCB prototype. If you want to know the basic structural concept of PCB assembly then just you can imagine a slim board of any laminated material. Fiberglass and epoxy are the two basic materials that are widely used for the lamination of thin circuit boards. The main mean of the primary design and the printed circuit board connects the important parts of the electronic devices. It is an ideal condition for the electronic components to be provided by the primary channels of the pads and lines of the circuit board so that they would be in one place. A printed circuit board has integrated circuits, transistors, and resistors as the main or basic components.

Who is the Best China PCB manufacturer?

As the circuit boards are the most important component of the designing and production of electronic devices. So you must have a reliable PCB manufacturer for the designing and manufacturing of your electronic devices. As with the increase in the demand for PCB assembly manufacturer competition in the markets is increasing day by day. Many companies and factories are springing up daily so it is difficult for you to select a reliable expert or equipment to handle your multilayer PCB design and design a top-notch product for you that fulfills your requirements. But you do not need to worry because you are at the right place where you can get the top-notch PCB for your required design. If you want to grab your circuit board soon then EuropePCB is the best choice if you want to hire a design or a printed circuit board and PCB fabrication.

Areas of PCB Applications:

Let me explain something more to you before hiring a PCB manufacturer. There are many applications of PCBs. Such as:

Wearable devices, Vehicles/ automobile, Smartphone,  Netcom etc.

These are the most popular applications of PCBs. Many PCB manufacturers use this advanced technology to get the desired design more rapidly.

Smartphones Telecommunications:

All the telecommunication devices like our smartphones, tablets, and other smarter devices also use Printed circuit boards for the interconnection of their electronic components on board. You can also grab the built-in design circuit of your choice for your smartphone or any other electronic device, such as:

Mobile radio, Wireless phone, Mobile/ smartphones.

Computers And Netcom:

It is not new to you that like all other electronic devices, computers also use PCBs to join all the components together. Many of China PCB manufacturers introduced built-in designs for computers and Netcom. Here the variety of the circuit board designs for the

Wireless Local Network (WLAN), Network router and disk drives


Everybody wishes that his/her car function properly. You can also fulfill your desire by using the right type of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for your vehicle. It will work magically for your vehicle to function perfectly. In China, you can hire a PCB manufacturer for this job. The manufacturers specialize in the multiple areas of your automobile PCB design:

Antilock barking, Speed capabilities, Car parking sensors, Electronic engine, driver assistance system, Power link module.

Consumer Electronics:

China PCB manufacturers circuit boards that are used in your daily use electronics. PCB manufacturer designs, tests, and manufacturer PCB assembly and PCB fabrication for the use in your daily electronic devices, such as:

 DVD players,  LCD monitor, Digital Cameras and much more.

Industrial Control:

PCBs are also used to facilitate advancement in many industries. They can help in the industrial control application of circuit board designs. PCBs are designed especially to aid intelligence manufacturing, industrial robots, and it does not stop here, they also set grounds for the fourth industrial revolution.

Process of production of PCBs or PCB manufacturing:

China PCB manufacturers have one of the simplest processes of the manufacturing of PCBs, PCB assembly, and PCB prototype. This manufacturing process includes easy steps to follow and make the design for you. Researching on the circuit boards before starting the designing process. Designing the circuit boards, usually according to the specification of the client or buyer’s choice. Manufacturing of the circuit board Running some tests at every stage including initial to final as part of the quality assurance before marketing the circuit board. Offering after-sales and maintenance services to ensure that your circuit is always in good shape. This helps to enhance the trust of the client or buyer.

Advanced Production


It is the first reason why the China PCB manufacturers are considered more trustworthy. Because China PCB industry uses advanced circuit board production tools. These advanced PCB tools include many sets of surface treatment of the pieces of equipment that allow for performing multiple functions for all kinds of circuit board finishing, they include

·Immersion tin

·Immersion Gold

·Silver plating

·Spray Tin

·Tin plating

·Gold Spray

·Gold plating

·Thick gold plating and Immersion Silver

How to Find the Top-notch China PCB manufacturer:

Now you can choose the best circuit board manufacturer that can design your desired designing process. But for your convince, as we know, our markets are filled with PCB manufacturers that make it difficult to choose the best manufacturer for you. Here are simple ways to find out the compatibility of leading PCB manufacturers that will design, PCB prototype, PCB assembly, test, and manufacture any type of circuit board for you that you want.

Experience of many years:

Before hiring a PCB manufacturer check out its experience. The longer time a manufacturer spends in any industry, he gains higher experience in his/her field. So it must be your priority to select a PCB manufacturer that has been in the manufacturing industry for multiple years.

Professional Expert of the PCB manufacturer:

If you choose a PCB manufacturer, it does not mean that he is also experienced and expert in the manufacturing industry. So your manufacturer must have the expert level in the manufacturing of PCB prototype, PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly. Also, select a PCB manufacture within your location to minimize the budget.

EuropePCB  is an Excellent supplier of PCB Assembly Services:

It is not easy to find out a professional quality PCB manufacturer. EuropePCB is the right choice for you with years of experience in PCB manufacturers. Only a few manufacturers can guarantee your work in a short time. EuropePCB is the top choice of several consumers in the industry. We are the top china PCB manufacturer from low to mass production. EuropePCB coordinates the whole process which includes manufacturing, design, assembly, testing, and finally shipment. You got a real product according to your design. With high-speed development, continuous improvement, and persistent concentration in PCB production during the decades of years, EuropePCB wins the trust of many customers by providing them satisfactory and low-cost products.

Attentive Service

Our vision is " satisfied customers, we succeed", which means first the customer is satisfied then we succeed. We always try our best to assist our customers to fulfill their requirements to reach a goal of 100% customer satisfaction. We have a team of professional staff to support you patiently and responsibly, also with several years of experience dealing with PCB users, we will also strictly inspect and exam the product before the delivery. Even if you receive defective products which are quite impossible, we will re-fabricate for free or make a refund with no reason, all our products are money-back guaranteed. Connect us for further detail.


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