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Not only provides one-stop PCBA service, but also provides customers with PCB circuit boards of various materials, special processes and surface treatments. Each piece of PCB is made of high-quality raw materials and undergoes strict testing. Each production link is specially inspected by QC. The operator self-inspects and QA sampling checks the product layer by layer. The factory products can pass UL certification, CE, MIN standards, ISO-9001 quality System certification, EU SGS lead-free product certification.

The company has an experienced professional process team and quality control system, which can provide various special process PCB boards, such as: impedance board special ink (matte ink, purple, etc.) blind buried hole super long, ultra-thin board countersunk hole OSP process Thick copper plate, bare copper plate, high frequency and high speed HDI, etc. At the same time, it can also meet the needs of customers in various fields, and provide a variety of materials: FR4 board, Teflon board, ceramic board, halogen-free board, high TG board, mixed pressure board, ultra-thin board, ultra-thick board. The refined production process provides a variety of surface treatment processes, such as: OSP, lead-free spray tin, immersion gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, electric gold, etc. Alto promises that the quality of all products conforms to industry standards before leaving the factory.

Some samples show:

2-layer blue oil immersion gold process
2-layer blue oil immersion gold process
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4-layer board green oil immersion gold process
6-layer board photosensitive black oil immersion gold
6-layer board photosensitive black oil immersion gold
3-layers green oil immersion gold soft and hard combination
3-layers green oil immersion gold soft and hard combination


4-layer board green oil spray tin process
4-layer board green oil spray tin process
FPC flexible board
FPC flexible board


Process Capability:

  ltem   Parameter
  Minimum Line Width / Minimum Line Spacing(mil)   3/3(Finished copper thickness:0.5OZ)
  Minimum ring width(mil)   (Via Hole)3mil
  (Via Hole)3mil
Minimum Finished Aperture   Board Thickness < 2.0mm0.2mm
  Board Thickness < 1.2mm0.1mm
  Board Thickness ≤ 2.0mm
  Maximum board thickness Single, double-layer board 8.0mm
Multilayer board 8.0mm
Minimum board thickness Single and double layers
Four-layer board 0.2mm
Six-layer board 0.4mm
Eight-layer board 0.6mm
Ten-layer board 1.0mm
Biggest size Single, double-layer board 600*1100
Multilayer board 600*1100mm
maximum number of layers 12 layers
Solder mask Solder mask opening(mil) 2/4 
Green oil bridge(mil) 4 
Color: white, black, blue, green, yellow, red, etc.
  Character Minimum line width(mil) 5/8 
Color: white, yellow, black, etc.
Surface coating Spray tin, electroplating nickel/gold, chemical nickel/gold, immersion tin, immersion silver, anti-oxidation, spray pure tin, etc.
Board type  FR4, high frequency sheet, PTFE, aluminum base, copper base, thick copper foil, halogen free material, Arlin, Rogers
Mixed media lamination, flexible board, rigid-flex board


Raw material guarantee:

[HASL] The function is to prevent the oxidation of the bare copper surface and maintain solderability. As a common form of surface coating, the quality of the sprayed tin directly affects the quality and solderability of the subsequent production.
[Immersion gold plate]The process is to deposit stable color, good brightness, flat coating and good solderability on the surface of the printed circuit. Nickel-gold coating is divided into: Pre-treatment (degreasing/micro-etching/activation/post-dipping); Post-treatment (Immersion Nickel/Immersion Gold).
[Gold finger] The process is to cover a thin nickel-gold layer on the copper surface through electrochemical redox reaction. Advantages: wear resistance, anti-oxidation, low resistance, thick plating control: 0.25-1.5um.

PCB production process:

Pre-review of customer data 2. Sales quotation 3. Engineering data production 4. Cutting, drilling 5. Graphic transfer 6. Electroplating, etching 7. Solder mask, text 8. Surface treatment process 9. Forming 10. Testing 11. Out goods

Quality control:

AOI automatic optical inspection
AOI automatic optical inspection is based on the principle of optics and comprehensively adopts various technologies such as image analysis, computer and automatic control to automatically detect and process PCB defects encountered in production, which can efficiently and accurately screen out defective products and avoid problems. Defective PCBs flow to the client or the next process.
Flying probe test
Flying probe test, the test probe moves quickly point by point on the PCB to complete the test. Generally, the capacitance method is used for testing. When the measured capacitance is not within the qualified range, the resistance method is used for accurate confirmation. Each test probe is controlled by a precise transmission system, and the position accuracy can reach 0.01mm, which can test circuit boards with higher density and smaller PAD.
Manual inspection
Manual inspection, the company has a relatively complete quality management system, and professional inspection personnel are equipped in each production link, from IQC inspection of raw materials, IPQC inspection of the production process, to OQC inspection of shipments, to check the quality of each PCB layer by layer , which can greatly reduce appearance defects, such as blistering, distortion, dirt and other problems.
X-RAY testing equipment
X-RAY testing equipment uses the contrast effect images generated by the changes in light intensity of X-Ray penetrating materials of different densities to detect the internal structure of ultra-fine pitch and ultra-high density PCB circuit boards, and thus can be used without damaging the PCB. In the case of circuit boards, observe areas inside the PCB where there may be problems, such as bridging, missing chips, misalignment, open circuits, etc.
Two-dimensional measurement
Two-dimensional measurement, using a two-dimensional image measuring instrument to measure the hole position, length and width, position and other dimensions. Since the PCB is a small, thin and soft type of product, the contact measurement is easy to produce deformation, resulting in inaccurate measurement. The two-dimensional image measuring instrument has become the best high-precision dimensional measuring instrument.
FCT/ICT test
FCT/ICT test, according to the PCB test plan provided by the customer, including test points, procedures, PCB test stand, ICT/FCT fixture, test steps, in order to simulate the input and output of the PCB circuit, and measure whether the value meets the standard, etc.

Why choose europepcb

Efficient and convenient, shorten the delivery time. There are not only professional PCB engineers and business teams to provide fast quotation, proofing, but also a complete PCBA assembly workshop. When you choose to make PCB, you can make PCBA quotation and purchase materials at the same time. When the PCB production is completed, the materials and fixtures required for the PCBA are ready, and they are immediately transferred to the PCBA production. The production is closely connected, and the process does not need to wait.

PCB Manufacturing

Improve the service system and ensure service quality. While continuing to upgrade automation equipment, we also pay more attention to strengthening customer experience. After receiving complete information from customers, we can complete PCB quotation within 1 hour at the earliest, and provide customers with free pre-production evaluation of manufacturability, design parameters, and process materials. Suggest or improve the program. During the production process, the business personnel will timely reflect the production progress and production status to the customer, so that the customer can control the production without worry.

Efficient and convenient, shorten the delivery time

1 year warranty, rare among peers. Strictly follow the IPC standard management and control to ensure the qualified rate of shipment quality. If the customer is using the product in a standardized way, if there is a bad problem caused by non-PCB external factors, we promise to repair it free of charge within one year. All PCB circuit boards are strictly inspected, in addition to manual visual inspection, we use automatic testing and inspection equipment, such as flying probe tester, X-ray inspection machine, FCT and AOI automatic optical inspection equipment, etc.

PCB Manufacturing in china

How to get PCB circuit board quotation?

Email PCB and Gerber files to INFO@europepcb.com, and reply to your inquiry within 2 hours. If you want to quickly learn about product projects or company overview, you are welcome to call the business manager directly: Manager Ren/+86-15099900816.

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