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Mixed Assembly Advantages
Mixed Assembly Advantages

How to make your Mixed Assembly Advantages more competitive in the market?

Mixed Assembly Advantages

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Main Products:Automotive electronic PCBA,Industrial Control board PCBA,Audio PCBA,New energy PCBA,Smart home PCBA

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- Quality products from Europepcb

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What is Mixed Assembly Advantages?

Europepcb is a Chinese PCB manufacturer and UL certified company. Europepcb manufactures 2 to 50 layers of PCBs, including rigid, Flex HDI and rigid-flex boards. From small batch to mass production, high-quality and low-cost production is our main focus. In addition, we manufacture 800,000 pieces and 50,000 square meters of PCB board manufacturers in China every month. We are one of the top PCB manufacturers in China, and our professional team mainly focuses on quality control. Our factory has the latest high-end equipment, and we buy our core machines from mainstream companies. In short, our quality, management and core machinery are China's top PCB board manufacturers.

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Mixed Assembly Advantages

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The importance of Graphic Overlay?

Committed to providing PCBA proofing/small batch production services for global R&D and innovative enterprises, it is the first batch of professional PCB proofing manufacturers in the country.
And has the largest overseas PCB sales platform in China, and serves more than 180 countries at the same time.

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Mixed Assembly Advantages

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Three correct choices make your Graphic Overlay deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

PCB design, manufacturing and assembly capabilities

As a professional one-stop PCBA manufacturer in China, Europepcb provides PCBA OEM materials, PCBA processing on orders, and PCBA copy board customization services. Including flexible PCB, metal core PCB (aluminum-based PCB), high frequency PCB, HDI, double-sided PCB, heavy gold PCB, and other multilayer printed circuit board design and manufacturing and SMT and DIP assembly to meet the needs of our customers' various products . We have 7 fully automatic high-speed SMT patch production lines, equipped with new imported Yamaha YSM20R, ten-temperature zone nitrogen reflow oven, online AOI, X-Ray and other high-end equipment, and have passed ISO13485:2016 and IATF16949:2016 system certification, which means Therefore, we can provide high-quality, high-density and high-precision large, medium and small batch PCBA production and delivery services. At present, we have opened an online factory live broadcast, and you can visit our factory online in real time.

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Mixed Assembly Advantages

Advantages od Cooperation

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  • Serve the world:Up to now we have served 3000 customers

  • Most of our PCBA products are mainly exported, sold to Europe, America, the Middle East, East Asia and other countries and regions

  • Our monthly production capacity for PCBs can reach 60,000 square meters, SMT monthly production capacity can reach 240 million points, and DIP plug-in monthly production capacity can reach 3 million points.

  • The total area of our plant is 30,000 square meters

  • Our current number of employees is 150+

  • Professional design

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Circuit board (PCB) design service

  1. Create high-quality, multi-layer, high-speed, high-density and high-precision PCB design services for you. From PCB schematic design and PCB layout to testing, verification and certification, PCB manufacturing, SMT/DIP assembly, we are responsible for the entire cycle of the PCB design process. Please refer to the detailed introduction of our PCB design services below.
  2. We manufacture various types of printed circuit boards. Whether you need double-sided boards, multilayer boards, high-density interconnect HDI, flexible PCBs, rigid boards, hybrid boards, aluminum boards or customized customization, you can contact us. In cooperation with us, you can request the use of the latest production technology, such as impedance measurement, vias in the pad, HF material, or production according to IPC class 3 standards.
  3. DFMA service: We provide free DFM service to make PCB manufacturing easier and remove all possible obstacles
  4. PCB SMT patch assembly:Provide you with PCB mounting proofing and large, medium and small batch printed circuit board assembly. We provide OEM materials, processing with supplied materials, one-stop PCBA and some OEM assembly services. If you want to provide PCB boards and all parts (electronic components), please contact us for a quote and learn more. If you want us to be responsible for purchasing PCBs and parts, please contact our PCBA foundry and processing services for more information.

PCBA product professional field

  1. PCBA foundry for medical CT scanner: The European circuit version is an important partner in the medical device industry. Our interconnection solutions are widely used in areas that are critical to patient health. When assembling CT scanners, we use the high-precision Yamaha YSM20R high-speed placement machine The components are mounted and shipped strictly in accordance with the ISO 13485:2016 standard.
  2. Automotive audio and video system PCBA: The car’s stereo and video display devices use car PCB to connect electrical components to ensure that they work as expected. We have many years of technological innovation and industry experience to continuously improve our PCB design and manufacturing capabilities, car audio players, video PCB assembly services ..
  3. Industrial Smart Meter PCBA:Industrial smart meter PCBA needs to be very stable and durable to adapt to extreme conditions, while maintaining a long service life. Industrial smart meter PCBs are characterized by multi-layer, high density and high stability. We have been in the industrial control industry. With more than 20 years of deep cultivation, we can provide one-stop services such as PCB design, DFMA service, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, component procurement, assembly and testing.

PCBA products first choice

Our factory equipment in Shenzhen, China, and many years of experience in electronic circuit board manufacturing, provide customized high-reliability printed circuit boards for global customers

PCBA solution

  1. PCB design: We provide high-quality, multi-layer, high-speed, high-density, high-precision printed circuit board design outsourcing services, from circuit board schematic design, PCB layout, high-speed backplane design, high-speed A/D PCB design, HDI, FPC, Rigid FPC, SI /PI simulation, EMC/EMI design, etc.
  2. PCB manufacturing: As a PCB fast-proofing manufacturer, we provide manufacturing and production services for 2-32 layers of printed circuit boards with multiple varieties, small and medium batches, and short delivery periods, whether it is double-sided, multilayer, high-density interconnect HDI, flexible PCB, and rigid PCB, hybrid circuit board, aluminum board or personalized PCBA customization, we can all
  3. DFMA service: Fast delivery: the fastest delivery within 8 hours, the delivery rate exceeds 95% within 48 hours
  4. PCB assembly: As a SMT patch manufacturer, we have 7 production lines, providing SMT placement, DIP plug-in, assembly and testing services, and have a 100,000-square-meter dust-free SMT workshop of 3000 square meters and a DIP-free processing workshop of 800 square meters. SMT daily mounting capacity Up to 8 million points, DIP daily plug-in up to 100,000, and strict quality control of each process of PCB assembly

The latest technology Resin Dome is combined with it:

From the automotive industry to the medical and health industry, industrial control, national defense to aerospace, data processing, energy, Internet of Things, etc.: kingfordpcba is your best electronic product development and manufacturing solution provider.


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What is the relationship between Mixed Assembly Advantages

- Quality products from Europepcb
  • In accordance with the most stringent quality standards and internal quality control system, we take strict and continuous optimization as the core of our work, and strive to provide each of our customers with the best product quality.

Mixed Assembly Advantages

What is the mixed assembly?

Although SMT technology has become the main assembly method for PCB manufacturing, there are still some components that are not suitable for SMT assembly. Then you need to apply the SMT assembly and the THT assembly on the same board. The combination of these assembly techniques is called a mixed assembly and no solder paste is used in the manufacturing process.
Most components are welded to the board in a surface mount configuration, but some components not available in the SMT process require a mixed PCB assembly. We will take you through Mixed Assembly Advantages in detail.

SMT Assembly vs. THT Assembly:

First, the SMT part is welded to the substrate using a reflow machine, a fully automated process. THT assembly pre-drills holes in the board and uses pins to connect components and circuits, whereas wave soldering and hand soldering are traditional methods in the THT assembly process.
Second, SMD printed circuit boards can be reflow or wave soldered, but wave soldered through the component. So, if you use both SMT and THT components on the board, more steps are required in the assembly process. Typically, the SMT process runs first, followed by the THT build.

Third, modern high-precision machine tools enable SMT assembly with high precision and high speed. The ability to precisely place these small and thin components on the board makes SMT more suitable for applications with high density and small PCB dimensions. And since THT provides a more reliable connection than SMT components, we prefer components with large dimensions and high-reliability requirements.
In general, SMT assemblies are characterized by high performance, accuracy, lightness, and low cost. SMT is more economical and faster for mass production. THT nodes are generally very reliable, withstand high loads, and are heavier and more expensive. THT is the preferred assembly method for small batch production of printed circuit boards and prototypes.

Mixed Assembly Advantages

Advantages of Mixed Manufacturing For manufacturing, instead of implementing multiple modules such as inline and discrete modules, only individual manufacturing modules can be used to handle the mixed process, which lowers implementation and support costs. Manufacturing companies typically use both discrete and inline manufacturing processes. Instead of implementing multiple modules such as inline and discrete manufacturing, only discrete manufacturing modules can be used to handle the mixed process, which lowers implementation and support costs.

Manufacturing companies typically use both discrete and inline manufacturing processes. Instead of implementing multiple modules into manufacturing, such as inline and discrete modules, which can complicate implementation, only discrete manufacturing modules can handle most of the process mix, which lowers implementation and support costs.

Manufacturing operations at any manufacturing facility are typically mixed batches of individual, streaming, and processing parties, such as external vendors (subcontractors). Implementation of several Oracle (Flow Manufacturing, Discrete Manufacturing) modules to handle the work makes implementation very easy. It is complex and expensive. Also, the data and customization requirements for modules such as stream production are quite high. This document provides an alternative to simulate a mixed production setup (a combination of OSP, in-house individual production, in-house cell production) using a common WIP and BOM, simplifying setup by eliminating the need to use streaming or network routing. This reduces implementation and maintenance costs but provides reasonably accurate results.

Mix mode assembly — Concept and Relevance:

The key to manufacturing success today is agility—the ability to accurately anticipate and respond quickly to changing market demands. As supply chains become more demand-driven, manufacturers must bring their products to market as quickly as possible at the right price according to customer specifications. What's more, in difficult times of the economy, organizations are struggling to find a business and welcome any business that can help get you out of the storm.

To achieve this goal, more and more companies are using mixed manufacturing and using different production strategies for different production lines. So, you will find that in most cases a manufacturing operation is a combination of different manufacturing techniques, such as individual manufacturing, batch manufacturing, external processing, in-line production of a single part, etc.

Mixed-mode Manufacturing: How to implement using Discrete Manufacturing?

Choosing a software package to manage multiple manufacturing processes is not an easy task for those involved in mixed manufacturing today, but it's also a good idea for those who don't because they don't know what the future holds. Your ability to respond to the market and provide good service in difficult times when trying to find a job depends to a large extent on the tools available to your employees.

The following section describes how to implement mixed manufacturing using discrete manufacturing using several workarounds in the way operations are modeled.

The flow of individual parts:

In this kind of manufacturing process, parts flow as separate parts for each operation rather than in batches. In this part, after the first task is completed, we need to move on to the second task and move on to the next part for the first task.
The diagram above shows a single-part flow scenario. All parts go from turning to welding and assembly. When the first part finishes turning and enters welding mode, the second part starts turning, and so on.

Manufacturing companies typically use both discrete and inline manufacturing processes. Alternatives to multi-module implementations, such as inline and discrete, allow a single discrete manufacturing module to control manufacturing, resulting in lower implementation and support costs.

Batch Operations:

In this type of manufacturing process, parts are moved into batches where all parts start and end at the same time. Batch production starts when there is a sufficient quantity to start work (eg the minimum quantity required to start the furnace for reasons of energy consumption).

External Handling Operations (OSP):

In this type of manufacturing process, the material is dispatched in batches by an external handling subcontractor. Materials are sent to external vendors for processing, and if you have multiple OSP vendors, sometimes materials are moved directly from one vendor to another and returned after all external operations are complete.
There are pre-shipment documented time elements, transit and waiting (waiting) times at subcontractor sites, and the actual time is taken to complete external processing operations.

Mixed Mode:

Most manufacturing uses a combination of various production modes. Below is the mixed-production routing scheme.

Mixed Assembly Applications and Mixed Assembly Advantages:

Mixed Assembly is commonly used in applications that require a combination of end-to-end and SMT components. Blending techniques can be found in the following applications:

Smartphone Accessories
Communication Hardware
Server Board
LED Lighting
Video Processing
Industrial Controller Assembly

Mixed Model Assemblies can save you time and money:


Balance maximum flexibility without compromising production efficiency. To meet the growing demand for making products with ever-shrinking product lifecycles, processes that can be optimized to improve efficiency are potentially important. In recent years, the industry has been able to grow both with high-throughput, flexible-volume manufacturing based on mixed-model assembly solutions.

Originally designed to address the challenges of rapid production line changes, mixed-model assembly requires a group of products that have some commonalities, including processes, materials, and content of work. It aims to meet customer requirements quickly, which ultimately increases profits. The most efficient, efficient, and flexible manufacturing systems use both automated and manual techniques to optimize every step of the process. Flexibility is very important in production environments where products with many variations are assembled.

Many modern manufacturing plants produce a variety of products for their OEM customers. Assembly lines rely on the mixed model assembly to accommodate multiple variations of the same product without sacrificing efficiency. The mixed model is best suited for environments with high product variability. This means you can use up to thousands of combinations of options for products in your pipeline, including customizations. By assembling mixed models on a single assembly line, multiple product variants are produced without time-consuming conversions. Assembling mixed models generally optimizes operations more, reduces inventory, and optimizes assembly line layout.

Building a Mixed Model to Meet Demand:

Flexibility to accommodate different product variants requires strategy and careful planning. Offshoring, or reshoring, often plays a key role in a company's strategic plan. Many manufacturing leaders agree that offshore relocation is the best option for large, iterative assembly processes. At the same time, less repetitive and less cyclical tasks are best preserved in the United States. Mass customization often makes it nearly impossible to manufacture products at a minimal cost. Providing customers with the manufacturing flexibility they need is often more profitable for offshore production.

Why Europe PCB is the top priority for Mixed Assembly Advantages?

Once everything is done here, manufacturers should bring in all the materials they need to provide their customers with a variety of options and settings that they will become accustomed to. As custom-made products quickly become the norm, manufacturers need to be flexible enough to understand when it's appropriate to move manufacturing operations offshore to remain competitive in the industry. Regardless of where they are located or what products they are manufactured from, all of our mixed model lines share some things in common: a flexible design that can accommodate a variety of models and settings. Some models may require different tools and different tools or work tasks. But Europe PCB provides all such flexible facilities to its customers.


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