Our state-of-the-art facility uses the latest SMT and Through Hole Equipment to manufacture quality and reliable products in a timely fashion.

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How to make your PCB Assembly Capabilityh work in the dark?

The maximum size of boards for SMD mounting in our production is 610 x 1220 mm

Production of electronic modules and blocks of special equipment class (class 3 according to the IPC-A-610D standard) of any complexity.

Repair of microcircuits using optical positioning for dismantling various types of SMD components (BGA, CSP, QFP, SOJ, etc.), as well as large components and microcircuits with a small lead pitch

Production of completely finished products, including special-purpose products with particularly stringent quality requirements, using automatic assembly and manual soldering.

"Take you through four different Backligting Soulution"

- Quality products from Europepcb

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PCB Assembly Capability advantage one

  • Factory scale: The factory building covers an area of 50,000 square meters and has more than 500 employees, of which the ratio of professional and technical personnel is 68%.
    The company is positioned to manufacture and process double-sided, four-layer and six-layer boards in large quantities.
  • High-quality raw materials: Sheet: Shengyi, Kingboard, Guoji, KB, Rogers, Taconic, Isola, Arlon, Nelco, Hitachi. Ink: Taiyo (Japan) Dry Film: Asahi (Japan), Dupont (US);
    Potion : Rohm&Haas (US) Atotech (Germany) Umicore (Germany).
  • Leading equipment: invested heavily in a full set of high-end printed circuit board production equipment, including 70 drilling machines, 50 gong machines, 12 CCD automatic exposure machines, 5 VCP horizontal electroplating lines, 3 automatic sinking copper lines, and circuit LDI 8 exposure machines, 4 automatic screen printing lines, 3 OSP production lines, 2 vacuum DES etching lines, 2 automatic lamination lines, etc.

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PCBA PCB assembly factory i8/i9/i9s earphone Mini T W S In Ear BT wireless Earphone custom PCBA prototype

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PCBA manufacturing advantage two

  • Complete craftsmanship: There are few companies in the industry that are equipped with a full set of surface treatment equipment, which can fully respond to immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP, tin spraying, gold plating, thick gold plating, tin plating, silver plating and other related needs.
  • Excellent quality: 36 processes in the whole process are tested layer by layer to ensure that the PCB products produced have passed the US UL, ISO9001, TS16949, CQC and other product safety certifications.
  • Process capability: Jinhong Electronics' leading process capability: the maximum number of layers is 12L, the maximum board thickness is 3.0mm, the maximum aspect ratio is 8:1, the maximum copper thickness is 3oz, the maximum working board size is 520mm x 650mm, the thinnest four-layer board is 0.4mm, the minimum hole/pad 0.1/0.20mm minimum line width/line spacing 0.075/0.075mm

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PCB Assembly Capability in china

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PCBA manufacturing advantage three

  • Stable delivery: The entire ERP order management production system, real-time monitoring of various production links, clear control of the entire line, and special instrument testing of the PCB board throughout the entire process, and multiple production lines to effectively ensure on-time and punctual delivery.
  • Reasonable price: An independent factory building completely belonging to the company has been established on the self-purchased land, with an independent environmental protection processing system. All processes from material cutting to testing are completed in the factory, eliminating the need for intermediate outsourcing links and maximizing the reduction of customers. cost
  • Intimate service: quick quotation within 30 minutes, quick response to customer needs within 1 hour, online customer service 24 hours a day, handling emergency situations and carrying out proactive customer return visits and services in a timely manner, allowing you to enjoy more intimate after-sales service

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PCB Assembly Board Capability

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What are the factors that affect the price of PCB

  • Raw materials: The raw materials used for PCB proofing include "ink" and "plate". Different brands/grades of raw materials are selected, and the price also changes. High-quality raw materials are not only baked at high temperature, but also have strong flame retardancy and bright colors. Bright and long lasting.
  • Process requirements: Common surface treatment requirements for PCB proofing include: thick plate, number of layers, copper thickness, minimum aperture/line width/line moment, surface treatment, etc. The higher the parameters, the more expensive the price, followed by the surface treatment. Tin is expensive, and the smaller the process capability parameter, the more expensive the price.
  • Production Quantity: The more PCB proofing production quantity, the more affordable the price. Our company focuses on mass production. The cost of PCB proofing in the early stage can be returned according to the situation during mass production. Serve.
  • Production cycle: 4-5 days for conventional PCB single and double-sided board proofing, 6-8 days for PCB multi-layer board proofing, and expedited order processing according to customer requirements. The shorter the delivery time, the more expensive the price, and the old customers monthly There are two free rush orders.

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PCB Assembly aoi Capability

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Our advantage

  1. Advantages: 40 technological processes, 113 precision processes
  2. Strict selection of materials: all brand materials are used, and the raw materials are returned immediately if they fail to pass the test of various indicators
  3. Precision machining: LDI laser exposure machine, vacuum etching machine, character inkjet printer and other imported equipment greatly improve the machining accuracy
  4. Full product inspection: Each production link has QC special inspection, operator self-inspection, QA sampling inspection product layer by layer
  5. Functional guarantee: Imported instruments and equipment such as quadratic element, copper thickness tester, impedance tester and gold thickness tester guarantee performance

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PCB Assembly Capability for fabrication

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  • No documentation of maintenance

  • Optimal service - 24 hours problem solving

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Prototype Pcb Assembly Manufacturer

PCB Assembly Capability

- Quality products from Europepcb
  • PCB is one of the necessities of electronic products. According to statistics, in the global PCB application field,
    The PCB market in the computer field is the largest, accounting for about 31%; followed by the communication field, accounting for about 28%;
    Others are IC substrate, consumer electronics, industrial control and medical, automotive electronics and military aerospace and other fields.

PCB Assembly Capability

What is PCB?

It means "printed circuit board". PCBs are very thin substrates that electronic designers make from epoxy composites, fiberglass, and other laminated materials. It is used not only in industry but also in home appliances. The SMT capability allows individual components to be inserted into printed circuit boards to create custom electronic circuits. A printed circuit board (PCB) is a circuit board used as a base in most electronic devices as physical support and wiring area for surface mount and plug-in components. Printed circuit boards are made up of different types of wiring and components, such as resistors, capacitors, transistors, and diodes, to connect all the parts to work properly.

The advantages of printed circuit boards are that they are easy to use and that there is no electric shock in the workplace. They also provide mechanical support, but that's not what we're focusing on today, so we'll move on to why we need it. Printed circuit boards are mainly used in electronics, but they can also be found in other areas of our lives. These boards serve a variety of purposes, including computer components and electronic devices. Because printed circuit boards serve as the backbone of all electronic devices, they have many uses in our daily life. Because PCBs are used in the manufacturing process, it is common to find PCBs sold as raw materials.

What is a Typical Application of Your PCB Board?

Printed circuit boards are mainly used to make electronic circuits in the field of electrical engineering. They are usually made of copper and can be equipped with various components for different purposes. It has become a standard design for electronics and is used in a variety of devices such as computers, cell phones, and laptops. A PCB is usually divided into overlapping layers.

This allows components to be soldered one layer at a time or simultaneously, depending on the type of process running. Some of the most prevalent applications include PCBs being used in a circuit board, PCB layouts, PCB manufacturing, and PCB design. PCBs are used in a wide range of electronic products. They’re currently used as a key component in electronics, such as computers, TVs, and more. These boards are typically made out of rigid materials like polyimide or FR4. PCB layout is the process of designing the PCB board and storing it in a way that it can be manufactured efficiently. PCB design refers to the design of a printed circuit board.

What is PCB Assembly?

After designing and printing a printed circuit board, it must be connected so that electrical messages can be transmitted correctly. Connect them and the electronics will work. The printed circuit board (PCB) assembly process consists of various steps and instructions that must be followed in the correct order for the finished product to function properly.

To ensure this, PCB manufacturers use screen templates and adjustable heating and cooling mechanisms to regulate how components are installed and held in place. When assembling a PCB, you need to choose the right technology for the types of components available. All parts and components must be properly aligned in their intended positions as indicated in the PCB design. Even the smallest deviations can have serious consequences for the functioning of the finished board.

What is PCB process capability?

The PCB Prototype Manufacturing Process is the process of processing PCB materials. All PCB manufacturing processes are affected by the processing capability and processing tolerances of the PCB equipment. Each PCB manufacturer's control system and the capabilities of the production staff also affect the quality of the finished PCB.

It summarizes PCB materials, PCB hardware capabilities and processing tolerances, management and personnel quality of PCB manufacturers, and PCB processing capabilities. So, choose a qualified PCB manufacturer. This has to do with the quality of the product and whether the product can be successfully produced and dominate the market.

PCB Manufacturing Capability:

Europe PCB provides a one-stop solution for all of your electronic manufacturing services requirements, ranging from fast turnaround prototyping to high volume manufacturing. We can identify design and production issues during the prototype stage and solve these before moving to mass production. While many PCB houses claim to offer superior PCB assembly services, Europe PCB manufacturer delivers on what we promise.

Our turnkey ore consigned printed circuit board assembly service is ISO ISO9001:2018-certified and RoHS compliant. And Europe PCB Factory strictly follows customers' quality requirements for PCBA manufacturing to assure all the PCBA we manufactured are OK to the customer side. We handle SMD, through-hole, and mixed assembly projects, and also offer free DFM checks along with function testing based on your specific requirements. Even better, there are no minimum cost requirements to meet, and we never tack on an additional tooling charge for reorders. At last but important, we are not a broker! Our PCBA capabilities are listed in the table below:


• Consigned:

We are proud of our quick turn time for our PCBA services. Our service ranges from 8 Hours to 48 Hours. Please choose the appropriate time option to fit your schedule and budget. Due to the complexity of how to determine the turn time of PCBA services, our policy is that turn-time begins immediately after all the parts are ready and all the PCB files (Gerber files/other PCB files, etc.,), Centroid (Pick & Place PNP file, or XY Data or files in other formats), BOM, and all other necessary data or documents/images/photos are complete for our assembly work.

• Turn-key:

With our wide and powerful network of parts sourcing, we offer Turn-key PCBA service. We do not mark upon the cost of the parts. Considering the big price gap between different suppliers, we only source from reliable suppliers who may have no price advantages. We will always ask for your approval before making any decisions.

• Partial Turn-key:

This is our regular practice in which you offer the main devices and components, while we source the rest for you. Just like the Turn-key service, we will ask for your approval on every detail of the parts concerning price, quality, and availability.

Parts Source

We prefer you supply all the parts for the PCBA services. In this case, please send us all the components with a BOM file and detailed packing list indicating item number, customer or manufacturer’s part number, and quantity in kit.

Assembly Options

We offer Surface Mount (SMT), Thru-Hole (THT), and a hybrid of both. We also offer single or double-sided placement.

Types of Solder

We offer both leaded and lead-free (RoHS Compliant) assembly services for our customers. Please choose one to best fit your PCB and the parts on the PCB.

Component Size

• Passive Component: we can accept components as small as 01005, 0201,0402.
• BGA: We can handle BGA of 0.25mm pitch with X-ray testing.
• Fine Pitch Parts: we can assemble 0.25mm fine pitch parts.

Board Shape

We can assemble boards in Rectangular, Circular, and any Odd Shapes. (For shapes other than rectangles, you need to penalize the boards in an array, and add break-away rails at the two longer paralleled edges of the panelized boards to ensure that the boards can be assembled by the machine.)

Board Type

Currently, we handle Rigid boards mostly. As we can handle flex and rigid-flex boards, please contact us, if your boards are of flex or rigid-flex.

Repair & Rework

Repair and rework can be difficult, but we do. Our BGA rebelling service with which we can safely remove the misplaced BGA, recall it, and put it back on the PCB correctly. It is cost-effective

Full Feature PCB manufacturing capabilities:

  • Max Panel Size 400mm*450mm
  •  Lead time starts from 2 days
  • Blind Vias, Buried Vias & Micro vias (both stacked and staggered)
  •  Via In Pad
  • Via tented/covered with resin, Via plugged/filled with resin
  •  Press-fit hole, Countersink/counterbore hole, Half-cut/Castellated hole
  • Gold fingers
  • Peelable solder mask
  •  Edge plating
  •  Carbon Mask
  •  Kapton tape and Quick Turn
  •  Prototype Quantities
  • Production Quantities
  •  1-20 layers
  •  Impedance control (Based on trace width and impedance demand, we’ll adjust layer stack up, base material, and other items to meet your impedance need. Impedance tolerance ±10%

Special Services Europe PCB offers to its customers:

Here are some special services which are offered by Europe PCB and these special services made us the top priority of the huge number of customers.  All these offers are listed below:

  • Free DFM Check
  • Free Tips on Reducing PCB Production Cost
  •  Free PCB Penalization Service
  •  Free Electrical test (including Flying Probe Test)
  •  Custom Layer Stackup
  •  Expedited PCB Production Service
  •  Excellent Customer Service to Meet Your Special Needs

Our state-of-the-art facility uses the latest SMT and Through Hole Equipment to manufacture quality and reliable products in a timely fashion. So you can grab the top-notch perfectly designed product at your doorstep without any delay. We are the top-listed manufacturers and suppliers for a large number of years.


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