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One of Niceone-Keypad's customers mainly comes from the medical industry. Niceone-Keypad found that Membrane Keypad Panel is very suitable for the medical industry. There are six major advantages.


1. Antibacterial: Due to the advancement of material science, antibacterial materials have come out such as Autotype's AM series polyester. Antibacterial Silicone Rubber Keypad, etc. Such materials have played a pivotal role in the medical industry. An important point of the antibacterial material is that it destroys the cell wall of the bacteria so that the bacteria cannot attach to the top of the sheet for a long time. The Membrane Keypad Panel can prevent your device from encountering bacteria by changing the sheet material of the AM series Polyester. At the same time, avoid medical accidents caused by bacteria during the use of your medical equipment.


2. Sealing performance: The medical interface often encounters water or chemicals entering the medical equipment. Medical products need to pay more attention to such issues. Because moisture and chemicals enter the medical equipment, it will cause short-circuit and open-circuit of the equipment, and silver migration may even occur. As the first protection checkpoint of the equipment, how the Membrane Kepad Panel can make the equipment circumvent this kind of problems has always been a topic that Membrane Keypad Panel manufacturers need to study. There are three main programs that are currently popular. 1. Regularly keep LEDs and Metal Dome away from the edge of Membrane Keypad Panel, and use adhesives with better adhesion such as 3M, NITTO, etc. This kind of Membrane Keypad Panel can reach IP65 or even IP66. 2. The Silicone Rubber Membrane Keypad Panel uses the Silicone Rubber Keypad in the form of a sealing ring to completely seal the Membrane Keypad Panel. You can even use glue to make the sealing effect better. Waterproof performance can reach IP66 or even IP68. 3. By changing the structure of Membrane Keypad Panel, such as waterproof. At the same time, choose the adhesive tape with better adhesion. At the same time, the LEDs and Metal Dome are far away from the edge. It can also make the waterproof performance reach IP66 or higher.


3. Reduce operation errors: When operating the HMI, medical personnel always worry about the appearance of problems due to personal operating errors. The Membrane Keypad Panel has diversified designs, some of which are designed to reduce operator errors. 1. Blind spot design: Determine the function of some buttons through blind spot positioning to avoid operator errors. 2. Resin Dome design: The three-dimensional Resin Dome design can make some buttons unique, so as to reduce operating errors. 3. Indicator light: through different indicator lights to inform the operator every detail. 4. Metal Dome: By using Metal Dome of different load or Metal Dome of different size, the keys of some important functions can be distinguished. 5. The choice of printing process: It can make some keys unique. It can be printed by mirror silver, UV transfer and so on. For more information, please contact Niceone-Keypad.


4. Durability: The most important thing for medical equipment is the stability of the product. If a product malfunction occurs, it can easily cause a major medical accident. In this regard, medical equipment needs to focus on durability. With the advancement of material science and the maturity of assembly technology, the service life of Membrane Keypad Panel is getting stronger and stronger. From the initial life span of tens of thousands of keystrokes to millions of touches today, it is still as new. First of all, materials such as Polyester, Adhesive, LEDs, Connector, Metal Dome are due to the strict control of materials by companies such as Autotype, 3M, Nitto, Nicomatic, Everlight and Snaptron, and a large amount of funds have been invested in research and development and improvement. The combination of this type of material far achieves the effect of 1+1 greater than two. Polyester as a panel material will not be as brittle as Polycarbonate even after millions of light touches. At the same time, the service life of LEDs easily reached about 20,000 hours. The choice of raw materials for Metal Dome can also make some Metal Dome's lifespan up to 5,000,000 times easily.


5. Back lighting: Bring light to your patients in the dark, and also bring instructions to the operator. How to satisfy it? There are three main ways to implement back lighting for Membrane Keypad Panels: Light Guide Film, fiber optical lighting and EL cold light film. For more information, click here.


6. Small and light weight: The thickness of most Membrane Keypad Panels will not exceed 1.2mm and the size will generally be controlled within 300*400mm. This property allows your electronic equipment to not be too large and lighter. There is no need to worry about the electronic function being small and can not be realized, you can use FPC multi-panel or PCB to realize the circuit function. So Membrane Keypad Panel is very suitable for portable medical equipment.

The medical devices used by Membrane Keypad Panel are:

  • Intravenous pumps: These devices deliver blood, medicines and other liquids to patients through veins. The IV pump can include a complete alphanumeric medical switch keyboard to help adjust parameters such as infusion rate and volume.
  • Oxygen concentrator: The oxygen concentrator compresses the oxygen in the atmosphere and delivers it to patients suffering from hypoxia and other diseases. Membrane switches facilitate flow control and mode selection, and they also display backlight applications.
  • Vital sign monitor: The vital sign monitor reports the patient's vital signs to the observer. Membrane switches in vital signs monitors usually include recording, printing, and menu control functions.
  • Defibrillators: These medical devices deliver electrical pulses or shocks to the heart to save patients who suffer from cardiac arrest. The defibrillator must be able to operate under various conditions, so the design of the membrane switch keyboard should take durability into consideration. Typical defibrillator membrane keyboard functions include energy level selection, energy level charging and shock management.
  • Hospital bed: The membrane switch is used in the hospital bed to adjust the position of the bed and the patient's posture, so that the medical staff can quickly meet the needs of the patient.


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