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In the fitness industry, Membrane Keypad Panel can be seen everywhere.


With the development of society, more and more people pay attention to health. How to stay healthy has always been a hot topic. And one of the widely recognized views is that more exercise can make the body healthier. Therefore, fitness industry equipment such as treadmills, stationary bicycles, stair climbing machines, rowing machines and elliptical machines are very popular. The main markets are household and commercial use.


Fortunately, Membrane Keypad Panel also has a place in the fitness industry, mainly due to the excellent performance and cost-effectiveness of Membrane Keypad Panel.


Excellent performance includes: durability, promotion, aesthetics and design possibilities. At the same time, compared to Touch Screen, the price is relatively more competitive, and different designs can be used to achieve more competitive prices according to different uses.


The material selection of this type of Membrane Keypad Panel is relatively high in military and medical standards, and cost-effectiveness is more often considered. But the consideration of cost-effectiveness is not that it does not pay attention to quality, but that there is no need for excess quality.

The Membrane Keypad Panel in the fitness industry needs to consider three major issues:

  • Anti-glare: Since most fitness equipment is indoor products, the main problem lies in glare. The glare problem of Membrane Keypad Panel mainly affects the user's operation, causing inconvenience. So the general approach is as follows:
  • 1. If it is a regular Matt type of polyester or polycarbonate material, you only need to print window oil on the window to solve this kind of problem.
  • 2. If it is a Gloss type material, this needs to be printed with matte ink except for windows and buttons.
  • Cleaning issues: Fitness personnel often emit a lot of sweat. How to ensure hygiene has also become a problem that the fitness equipment industry is thinking about. Niceone-Keypad believes that in fact, Membrane Keypad Panel is compared with traditional mechanical keyboard, Membrane Keypad Panel is flat design and widely used in material science. The Membrane Keypad Panel has not had any cleaning problems from the beginning of its design. This type of problem can be solved with just one swipe.
  • Life issue: Can the cost be lower than that of a touch screen. But what about a life span of millions or even 5 million times like a touch screen? The answer is yes, the panel, Adhesive, convex height, accessories, etc. need to choose better materials, and the structure needs to be optimized. The panel needs to use polyester type material, because the limit life of polycarbonate type material is about hundreds of thousands to one million times. The flexibility of the polyester is better, even millions of times will not have any effect. Adhesive is also important for Membrane Keypad Panel.

We can customize different products according to your cost and needs.

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