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16 Sep, 2021

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Providing PCB Assembly Express services is essential to reduce costs incurred and ensure that customers meet their desired delivery times. You also have to provide the required quality in time. Every successful job requires some technique to achieve success. Here are the facts.

1. Tips for providing express delivery of PCB assemblies

♦ Involve printed circuit board manufacturers in the early stages of printed circuit board design

During the printed circuit board design stage, you should contact the printed circuit board manufacturer as soon as possible. At this stage, we have all the materials needed to assemble a printed circuit board and try to use the most cost-effective materials. Evaluate the feasible steps and consider the printed circuit board layout.

♦  Providing appropriate information to manufacturers

Clarify the function and size of the printed circuit board required for the final product. The guidelines should be clear and accurate. This reduces the potential for tedious and costly rework.

Appropriate manufacturing partners need to offer their customers different models and provide their budget quotes.

♦  Contract with a reputable partner of PCB Assembly Express Service.

When a PCB's Bill Of Materials (BOM ) is mounted on a board, it's always good to work with a reputable manufacturer. PCB assembly. If PCB quality is important, choose a manufacturer that handles everything from design to delivery. Contracting a single manager for the entire assembly procedure facilitates management, reduces costs, and takes time to complete the processor.

PCB Assembly Express

♦ Consider the technology you are using

The higher the technology used to assemble the board, the better the quality of the final product. In order to make high-performance products with minimal errors, choose a manufacturer that has installed highly technical machines and equipment.

Establishing partnerships with the right manufacturers can significantly reduce delivery times. Manufacturers and designers have many common mistakes that affect delivery times. These mistakes must be avoided by all process professionals, including layout engineers, and are necessary to achieve fast delivery. 

2.6 Common mistakes to avoid in order to provide PCB assembly express delivery

♦ Take the reputation of the printed circuit board manufacturer

Companies that have a good reputation as PCB manufacturing companies and are said to have fast delivery times are likely to be able to deliver. When choosing a partner for PCB manufacturing, you need to take into account the testing of your PCB company. A good PCB manufacturing partnership depends on the company's ability to deliver on time.

♦ Ignoring the capabilities of PCB manufacturers

Different PCB manufacturers have different skills to meet your PCB design specifications. If the product is delivered with the power of the manufacturing company in mind, the delivery date may be delayed or the product may not be delivered within the specified delivery date. It can also end up in a Europe pcb. We provide one-stop service and high-quality products. Send us the materials you need and we'll get you a quote right away. What are we waiting for? We have been a PCB manufacturer for 10 years, offering products that do not meet customer specifications. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer as soon as possible in order to determine the capability and clarify the desired delivery date. This should be done carelessly, whether your board requires a complex process or a simple process.

PCB Assembly Express

♦ To  play the role of manufacturer support

Even a printed circuit board with a simple design can be a complex task. As a result, it may not be possible to deliver within the specified delivery date. If the manufacturer's support system is substantial, this situation can be avoided. Skilled engineers can detect PCB design defects at an early stage.

The production company must have a competent team to work hand in hand with the customer to detect potential defects in the PCB design to prevent delays and unnecessary costs. Therefore, before establishing a partnership with a circuit board manufacturer, it is necessary to evaluate the manufacturer's ability to provide the necessary support. Choose a manufacturer that has a team that can provide the support you need.

♦  Includes multiple unnecessary laminates

When manufacturing printed circuit boards, you need to pay attention not only to common problems but also to specific problems that are often overlooked. The printed circuit board stacking cycle requires the same process and time as manufacturing a new printed circuit board.

It is necessary to put the circuit board into each manufacturing process for each bonding cycle. This will extend the delivery time by at least two days.

Also, it may be necessary to bond multiple times. It is necessary to deliver within the set delivery date, and for that purpose, it is also necessary to apply it to the spare of the PCB design with a short delivery time.

♦  Equipped with Via Inn Pad

Adding a via in pad has another feature that greatly affects delivery time. Via Inn Pads are useful for saving space and removing heat from underneath parts. Unnecessarily adding via inpads to your PCB design can extend delivery times by at least a day. If you prioritize quick delivery, you shouldn't include such features. You also need to consult and confirm if you need Via Inn Pad.

♦  PCB design document is not clear.

Make sure that the production drawing you submit to the production company has a clear and accurate note attached. This is to avoid unnecessary interaction between the manufacturer and the designer. Manufacturers need a clear understanding of the design to eliminate the need to ask the designer for an explanation. With such a well-understood memo, you can meet your desired delivery date and minimize troubles.

3. Conclusion

There are many companies that offer BOMs ( Bill Of Materials ) for PCBs. PCB assembly express service delivery. But among them, we recommend a company called Europe PCB, which provides high-quality PCB services for express delivery without compromising quality. All you need to do is submit a printed circuit board design Gerber file at www.europepcb.com

You can customize your order and get additional service express delivery in case of additional payments. I'm sure; if you contact them, you won't regret it. 


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