FPC Process Capability

projectTechnical skills
layers1-12 layers of FPC (flex-rigid board 2-12 layers)
Maximum imposition size250*900mm(500*1200mm )
Minimum aperture0.1mm
Bottom copper thickness12um/18um/35um/70um
Insulation layer thickness12.5um/25um/50um
Minimum plate thickness0.09
Minimum line width and line spacing0.045
Line tolerance±0.02mm
Outline tolerancePrecision mold ±0.05mm/ordinary mold ±0.1mm
Electroplated nickel gold thickness1-3um
Electroless nickel gold thickness0.02-0.075um
Wire to Outline Edge0.05mm
Electroplating pure tin thickness1-15um
Product process1-12 layer board/FPC flexible circuit board, flexible and rigid board, tin-plated board, gold-plated board, immersion gold board
board maximum size250mm*700mm
Maximum plate thickness0.45±0.05
Minimum plate thickness0.051~0.185 ±0.03
Substrate copper foil thickness1/3oz、1/2oz、1oz
Minimum apertureFinished aperture: 0.08mm
Minimum line width and line spacingMinimum line width: 0.05mm, minimum line spacing: 0.05mm
toleranceLine hole ±10%, hole diameter +3mil, shape ±0.05mm
Coating thicknessGold-plated plate: Ni layer thickness: 1-6um, Au layer thickness 0.03-0.1um"
Immersion gold plate: Ni layer thickness: 1-6um, Au layer thickness: 0.03-0.2um"
Tin plate: Sn layer thickness: 8-25um
Cover film fit tolerance±0.2mm
PI reinforcement including FR4±0.2mm
Die cutting cover film burrs≤0.1mm
Electromagnetic film alignment tolerance±0.35mm
Steel sheet reinforcement tolerance0.1mm
Reinforcing plate hole and FPC hole misalignment tolerance≤0.05mm
Drilling tolerance≤0.02mm
Single-panel immersion gold thickness tolerance1-2um
Thickness Tolerance of Immersion Nickel on Single Panel0.025-0.075um
Double-sided immersion gold thickness tolerance2-3um
Double-sided immersion gold nickel thickness tolerance0.025-0.075um
Etched Steel Sheet Tolerance±0.03mm
Punching Steel Sheet Tolerances±0.05mm
substrateXinyang/ShengyiAdhesive-free substrate, halogen-freeTaiwan
Substrate/cover filmTaihongAdhesive substrate, non-adhesive substrate, halogen-freeTaiwan
Substrate/cover filmHongrenAdhesive base, halogen freeTaiwan
Substrate/cover filmYassenAdhesive substrate, non-adhesive substrate, halogen-freeTaiwan
adhesive tape3M3M9077、9460、467、468America
adhesive tapeNitto5919High temperature resistance Japan
adhesive tapeSONYD3410heat curing glue Japan

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