Analysis of PCBA production and processing production and manufacturing process

08 Jan, 2022

By hqt

In the whole process of PCBA production, processing and manufacturing, due to the poor actual operation of a small part of the staff or the quality of raw materials, defective PCBA boards will often appear. Also, defective PCBA boards must be repaired. So in the big city with the rapid development of the electronics industry in Shenzhen, how are the steps of PCBA maintenance, production and processing carried out?

The steps of PCBA maintenance, production and processing can generally be divided into several links, each of which is indispensable: visual inspection of PCBA → measurement of all POWER → poor power connection detection → maintenance based on potential safety hazards → self-inspection after maintenance → test fixture detection → Full visual inspection. These 7 steps are explained in detail below.

  1. Visually inspect the PCBA. This step is mainly to check whether the PCBA produced and processed has obvious poor shape. Such as: motherboard short circuit, empty welding, lack of components, extremely reversed components, damage to wrong components, etc. For Colsun, the parent of a highly reputable manufacturer, every step seemed particularly important.
  2. Measure all POWER. This is mainly to accurately measure whether a switching power supply has a short-circuit fault to ground. In many cases, a small problem caused a very important new project to fail. Xiaoming Proofing has technical and professional personnel to test the PCBA for each production and processing, whether it is not very easy to store. Finally, you can safely put high-quality products in your hands.
  3. The power supply detection is not good. After connecting the power supply, use the test fixture to check whether the power supply is good or not. Every component is very important.
  4. Carry out maintenance according to potential safety hazards. Now that the substandard item has been found, it is time for an overhaul. Xiaoming Proofing has high-tech professional Cancer talents to overhaul such a small amount of poor products, and cannot tolerate a little defect.
  5. Self-examination after maintenance. After maintenance, self-inspection of the maintenance part must be carried out. Key inspection: short-circuit fault, empty solder wire beads, tin slag and spot welding appearance
  6. Test fixture detection. Use the test fixture to check whether the PCBA is OK
  7. Full visual inspection. Carrying out a full inspection of the repaired products, according to the inspection of the poor PCBA board, can reduce the damage of the wood board and reduce the product cost of the processing plant.

Only according to these seven steps, will the finished PCBA product Xiaoming proofing be handed over to customers with peace of mind. Trust Xiaoming Proofing, it will be a very good partner.


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