How to Order Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturers Online in China

22 Nov, 2021

By hqt

Must-Know Tips If You Want To Avoid Failure In Thick Copper PCB Manufacturing

Table of Contents
  1. Heavy copper PCB Manufacturer- Introduction
  2. Importance of Heavy copper PCB
  3. Copper PCB Quality
  4. The conductivity of Heavy Copper PCB
  5. Benefits of copper on PCB boards
  6. Features of Heavy Copper PCBs
  7. How to order heavy copper PCB manufacturers online?
  8. Conclusion

Heavy copper PCB Manufacturer- Introduction

The use of PCB knows to become a trend in the electronics industry. The circuit board is ruling the electronic devices. Moreover, they have a versatile feature thus heavy copper PCB manufacturers introduces a new kind of circuit board.

Importance of Heavy copper PCB

The thickness of the copper layer is a necessary and major step in processing the circuit boards. That is why heavy copper PCB Manufacturer gives more importance to the thickness of copper. Similarly, the copper layer must be of the desired thickness.

This article describes the availability of different weights for heavy copper PCB. Furthermore, it also gives you guidelines to online orders and has a chat with a heavy copper PCB manufacturer.


First of all, what is copper? Copper is a metal. It is a ductile element. It has high thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper in the circuit boards is used as an alloy.

Weight of the Copper on PCB

To calculate the weight of the copper used in circuit boards following are the points we should notice.

Size, shape or form of copper

It is necessary that a heavy copper PCB manufacturer knows all the instructions. The weight of the copper is directly related to the shape and the material. For example, choosing tubes, sheets, strips, etc. However, for plating copper on circuit boards, heavy copper PCB manufacturer melts any shape of copper and use them for plating.

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Copper PCB Quality

The weight of the copper also depends on the quality of the copper used. Similarly, heavy copper PCB manufacturer uses mostly the finest form of copper without any impurity which is C110 copper.

The thickness of copper PCB

The weight of the copper is measured in ounces. The weight of the copper plate is directly depending on the thickness. The heavy copper PCB manufacturer uses one-ounce, a single square foot of copper plate its thickness should be 1.37 mils. Moreover, it is up to the PCB manufacturer to make the right thickness for a circuit board. Whereas picking up the right thickness is your step to do.

The conductivity of Heavy Copper PCB

Copper is a good conductor of heat and electricity both. However, the point to be noted is that copper can not conduct heat alone. To examine the conductivity of the copper metal heat and cool the metal to a specific temperature. Subsequently, this trick helps the heavy copper PCB manufacturer to select the copper which transfers charges easily.

Most of the thick copper PCB manufacturers use traces of copper plates for low-voltage or low power circuit boards.

Benefits of copper on PCB boards


The heavy copper PCB manufacturer uses copper for the construction of circuit boards, it has the following benefits.

  • It increases the tolerate the thermal strain or tension
  • increases the capacity of the board to carry current
  • Moreover, it enhances the mechanical strength at plated-through holes and at connector points
  • Because of conductivity, you can use highly conductive devices with the circuit board of heavy copper. it will not break or short the circuit.
  • The size of the board can be reduced by incorporating multiple plates of copper on the respective layer of the circuit board.
  • The heavy copper PCB consists of VIAs with high current. Also, transfer the heat to an external heatsink.
  • Above all, the heat sink is directly plated on the board by using weight 120-oz copper sheets

Features of Heavy Copper PCBs

Heavy copper PCB manufacturer produces high programming PCB nowadays. These PCBs are used in various electronic devices also it has several advantages. However heavy copper PCB is expensive though used in almost every electronic device.

The circuit board with the weight of the copper 3 oz for internal and external layers is heavy copper PCB. Moreover, heavy copper PCB term is also used for the thickness of board 4oz/2ft.

Term extreme copper PCB is used for the thickness of 20oz/2ft, which has 200oz copper on the internal and external layers of the circuit board.


Heavy copper PCB manufacturer makes the circuit board a reliable wiring platform. This is the combination of substrate, thick copper plates, and plated holes. He passes the circuit boards through the process like etching and plating. He makes the board a reliable and highly thermal conductive.

Moreover, the boards can bear high current. Ensuring the optimum performance, a purchaser can visit heavy copper PCB manufacturers also. Heavy copper PCBs are applicable to almost all industrial electronics.

  • Power supply systems and electronic devices largely use thick copper-plated circuit boards.
  • A copper plate of thickness 4oz or 140 micrometers is ideal for general circuit boards.
  • The circuit boards with a thickness of the copper used 1oz or 2oz is the standard copper circuit boards.

Advantages of heavy copper PCB

Heavy copper PCB manufacturer process the circuit boards with thick copper-plated which has following benefits

  • It conducts high current
  • It distributes the heat in a balanced manner
  • Have complex components in a small board
  • Moreover, it reduces the chances of failures and short circuits.
  • Increase the mechanical strength
  • Has the ability to use exotic material
  • Incorporate many plates on the same layer



Everything has two faces, there are four points which can lead the PCB to fail. They are just common problems

  1. The use of burnt components
  2. The use of poor and cheap components
  3. Environmental factors can cause problems
  4. Or age

How to order heavy copper PCB manufacturers online?

After choosing the desired thickness of copper plate next step is purchasing. The best step is ordering the product online by choosing a good heavy copper PCB Manufacturer. Following are the points to be noted

  • Experienced company with reliable heavy copper PCB Manufacturers
  • A company which can take complex orders
  • The best delivery services are also important


Copper has an important role in the printed circuit board because of its high conductivity. Furthermore, a consumer can choose the thickness of copper plates according to the desire and application of the device.

The heavy copper PCB manufacturer processes the copper plates with the thickness suitable for the electronic equipment. Also, this will help to make the circuit board durable and most effective and efficient. Heavy copper PCB is more reliable as compared to glass or wood PCBs.


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