How much is a prototype PCB?

28 May, 2022

By ren

What is the cost of a prototype PCB?

How much is a prototype PCB? Prototyping isn't just for high-tech automobiles or cutting-edge consumer electronics. It's also an excellent method for making printed circuit boards.

How much is a prototype PCB?

You probably have some questions if you have a PCB design and are seeking a circuit board prototyping service. "Can I have a prototype quickly?" "Do I require a prototype?" "How much will a PCB prototype cost?" is the most crucial question.

  • Keep in mind that when your production volume grows, all of these prices will drop dramatically. A prototype's cost should not be mistaken for the product's manufacturing cost.
  • Increasing the number of units from two to twenty has a significant impact on the unit price.
  • A prototype that costs a thousand dollars may only cost a couple of dollars when purchased in large quantities.
  • The most important thing to remember is that you must simplify your product significantly to prototype it and eventually bring it to market.


The cost of a PCB prototype isn't one-size-fits-all; it depends on several elements. The following are the most crucial considerations:

  • Board Size: The larger the board, the higher the price.
  • Cost: Different substrate and laminate PCB materials are more expensive than others. If great performance is required, your materials will almost certainly be more costly.
  • Complexity: A large number of fine pitch components, complicated wiring, or a dense board will all increase the overall cost.
  • Speed: If you need a speedy prototype of printed circuit boards to fulfil a deadline, the price will reflect that.


It's difficult to estimate the cost of a PCB prototype until you start working with your assembler. The prototype could cost a few dollars or hundreds of dollars if the bare board is purchased separately. It's difficult to give a general estimate because so much depends on the design, components, size, materials, and complexity.

The smaller the production batch, the greater the prototyping expenses will be, according to a good rule of thumb. When prototyping a PCB with an end product of 10 boards, the assembler will charge more than if the end product is 1,000 boards.


How long does a PCB take to make and How much is a prototype PCB? Because every board is different, it's difficult to pinpoint how long it takes to construct a prototype. A typical middle-of-the-road PCB prototype could take a few weeks, although other boards can take months to prototype the costs.

Supply chain disruptions can potentially cause a project to be delayed. Even if the design is finished, wait times on specific components can substantially impact your schedule. Working with an electronics contract PCB manufacturer to obtain replacement components for your board design will help you avoid some of these time constraints.

PCB prototype costs can be divided into two categories for PCB manufacturers: engineering and analysis expenditures. The actual overall cost is the second half.

The overall cost of the second portion includes the cost of the PCB, assembly costs, electronic component cost, testing cost, and freight.

Engineering charges

Engineering cost may vary widely depending on the PCB design and complexity; the more involved the design, the longer it takes and hence the higher the cost.

Some manufacturers do not charge this fee for a simple design, instead of classifying it as a PCB fabrication fee.

Cost of PCB manufacture

How much is a prototype PCB? The cost of producing a few bare boards in China is usually around $30. It assumes the fundamental procedure. If you want a very small board with a lot of layers and a unique design, you'll have to apply the most expensive methods

Most boards have at least two routing layers (top and bottom), but most designs will need four to six. More complicated designs may require up to eight layers.

Boards with fewer layers are less expensive than boards with more layers. Complex PCB technologies, such as blind and/or buried vias, will be required for the particular designs, which will significantly raise the board cost. Because their use will almost always treble the cost of a PCB prototype, it is advisable to stick to ordinary through-hole vias in most circumstances.

Costs of PCB Assembly

How much is a prototype PCB? The total number of components, the minimum pin pitch, the usage of lead-free packages such as QFN or BGA, and whether components are soldered on both sides of the PCB all influence the cost of assembling the PCB (i.e. soldering down all the electronic components).

The cost of a couple of boards with 30-50 different components is around $ 100-$180.

Electronic components are expensive.

The cost of electronic components is in addition to the costs of board fabrication and assembly. The component is one of the most important factors in determining the product's function.

Original brand is recommended for some functional components, such as ICs and modules. Other common parts, such as a resistor or connector, will be recommended by the manufacturer as a cheaper option with the same values or specs.

Costs of Testing

This examination is separate from the inspection of the PCB assembly. This is an additional check to ensure that the prototype samples are of a high enough grade. After the prototype printed circuit board has been put together, it needs to go through testing to confirm that it is fully functional and meets all of the quality requirements. The manufacturer will typically stipulate that you follow the testing protocol. An X-ray test is advised for certain packages, such as BGA, to eliminate improper soldering or short circuits. One of these packages is a ball grid array (BGA).

Cost of transportation

Most of the products will be made in Asia or in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

The freight for a small batch of PCB prototype samples is usually $30.

The manufacturer, like PCBA shop, arranges a reliable courier. You will receive the PCB prototype quickly and securely.

PCB Prototypes of enclosures

  • Whether you choose a bespoke or stock enclosure determines the cost.
  • A stock enclosure will typically only set you back a few dollars. Depending on the size, complexity, and number of pieces required, a custom enclosure prototype can cost several hundred dollars.
  • I highly recommend Proto Labs in the United States for prototyping any unique plastic or metal parts. They provide a variety of prototyping services as well as low-volume injection moulds for producing a few thousand pieces.
  • Seeed Studio, which offers both 3D printed and CNC machined prototypes, is another low-cost option in China.
  • To save money and time, try to get by with a stock enclosure for as long as feasible. However, most products will eventually require a custom-designed casing, so you won't be able to avoid it forever.


"Do I even need a PCB prototype?" you might be thinking at this stage. The answer is always yes if you're unsure.

Making a PCB prototype might save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You want to ensure that the final PCB performs as expected, but a prototype can also help you confirm:

  • Production schedules
  • Manufacturing expenses in general
  • The board's quality

You say, "My board isn't that complicated; No prototype needed. You may be wrong. Simple boards often create the most problems, thus investing in a prototype is always worthwhile.

Finally, it is best to correct any board flaws or inconsistencies with a prototype rather than the final design. This is because fixing a prototype is much easier. Take, for example, the idea behind the paper clip machine. If a machine breaks 100,000 paper clips, would you repair them or the machine? Verify if the design is accurate to prevent having to replace a large number (hundreds to thousands) of circuit boards.

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There are a lot of different things that go into determining how much a PCB prototype will ultimately cost. To assist you in reaching your prototyping objectives, a full-service electronics contract manufacturer will be able to provide you with in-depth benefit comparisons as well as cost projections. The process of developing a product and producing it typically includes creating a prototype as one of its key steps.


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