Manufacturing of plastic products

he enterprise FGUP Electromechanical Plant Zvezda is a domestic contract production of plastic products of a full cycle, from the design of molds to the final machining of products, both serial and individual production of plastic products of the required configuration.

The main method of manufacturing plastic products is injection molding. The production facilities of FSUE "EMZ" Zvezda "allow for serial and small-scale production of parts from various types of plastics.  

Production of plastic products FSUE "EMZ" Zvezda "offers manufacturing services:

  • Plastic parts according to customer's drawings
  • Products of any complexity WITHOUT providing drawings, according to a sample
  • Plastic products from scratch (plastic product design)
  • Repair and restoration of plastic products 
  • Press forms

Manufacturing of plastic products

If it is necessary to cast from thermosetting plastics, rubber mixtures or press powders, there is a press section in the production. The site is equipped with presses with a maximum working pressure of up to 100 tons with the ability to  manufacture plastic products with a weight of 1 to 400 grams .  Most plastic products are based on thermoplastics. The production facilities of FSUE "EMZ" Zvezda "include a section for small-scale and serial casting of plastic products. The site is equipped with drying ovens and drums for the preparation of raw materials, since the presence of moisture leads to the destruction of polymers when heated. The main production equipment is injection molding machines, on which plastic is molded into removable and stationary molds weighing from 3 to 500 kg. The production base allows the production of plastic parts weighing from 0.1 to 450 grams and sizes from 3x2 mm to 200x500 mm.Mold makingManufacturing of molds is an integral part of the complete production cycle of plastic products. We work both with customer forms and with forms made at our enterprise according to drawings or a sample of a part with the development of complete documentation.Maintenance and repair of moldsMaintenance and repair of molds for the manufacture of plastic products is carried out at the service area, which allows you to maintain and maintain expensive tooling in working order.Refinement of plastic productsThe final machining of parts is carried out at the site for the completion of plastic products, where operations are performed for drilling holes, cleaning, grinding and cutting products. It is also possible to modify previously manufactured plastic products.
In addition to all of the above, our specialists develop complete design and technological documentation for the manufacture of customer parts.
    Serial plastic products, always available:
• covers for cable connectors;
• various pads, jumpers, housings;
• clamps, clamps for fixing wires
and much more. To get acquainted in more detail with the list of plastic and rubber products with their technical parameters ...

Site nameProduction typeWeight of partsdimensions
Serial and small-scale molding of plasticsInjection molding of thermoplasticsfrom 0.1g. up to 450 g.3x2 (min)200x500 (max)
Pressing areaPressing thermosetting plastics and rubberfrom 1 g to 400 g-
Plastic products processing areaMechanical rework of parts
Mold repair areaRepair and manufacture of signs and
mold pushers.
Cleaning tooling from
material residues

Having the necessary production   base for the manufacture of various plastic products and highly qualified personnel,   we are ready for  long-term cooperation and offer our regular customers services for the  manufacture of plastic products at attractive prices and on favorable terms.


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