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How to make your Membrane Panel more competitive in the market?

Optional Backlight Solution

Resin Dome design can be selected

Can choose Silicone Rubber Keypad as Overlay material

You can choose high-quality adhesive tape and Polyester to make the product more durable

"Choose the right solution to reduce the cost of Membrane Panel"

- Quality products

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Cost factors affecting Membrane Panel:

1. Circuit Design:

The line can be said to be a more expensive part of MEMBRANE Panel. Ma-terial selection and design will affect unit prices. Polyester Circuit is themost affordable price as MEMBRANE Panels, and is also the most commonchoice.

Flex Copper Circuit and PCB are similar as the line prices, but the price ofsingle lines may be more than double or even more than a complete Poly-ester MEMBRANE PANEL.However, Flex Copper Circuit and PCB can getmore line design in the same area, which is more stable than Polyester Circuit. Electrical performance is also more stable.

2. Number of layers and optional features:
  • Select the minimum level to make MEMBRANE Panel clearly cost effec-tiveness. Depending on your budget, you can choose the most commonfour-level or six levels. You can also choose eight levels.

  • There is no EMBOSSING and the shape selection of EMBOSSING will also affect unit prices.

  • The choice of material will also affect the final unit price. Such as 3M adhesive tape, DT adhesive tape costs are different.

  • Whether it will cause guardianship.

3. Human and machine costs:

The final price of the membrane switch also depends on engineering ser-vices and labor costs.

Engineering service: span Because we has a professional engineer-ing team, from design to completion, we will solve and prevent all poten-tial design problems for customers. According to the customer's needs andbudget, the project will provide the most cost-effective design plan.

Labor cost: Most of the film panel process requires manual placement. Thishas also led to a substantial increase in the cost of Membrane Panel.

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Choose the right solution to reduce the cost of Membrane Panel

1. Circuit Design:

Polyester and Flex copper circuit can be combined to form a completecircuit. Save most of the line cost.

2. Choose the right printing method:

when the quantity is large, the color is large, and the customer is morerelaxed on the color error requirements, you can choose digital printing. When the quantity is small, you can choose the more affordable Screenprinting.

3.Number of layers and optional features:

The replacement of Overlay material can choose Silicone Rubber keypad. When the product quantity is large, it can be chosen.

4. Reduce human and machine costs:

Providing complete drawings or design ideas can reduce design costs andcommunication costs. In this way, customers can be given preferentialtreatment during production.

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  • No organization of maintenance operations

  • No documentation of maintenance

  • Optimal service - 24 hours problem solving

  • Manufacturer-independent maintenanceeight levels

  • Products with high quality and competitive prices

  • Professional design

  • Good after-sales service


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Resin Dome Membrane Panel Features:

The button will be more stereo and have aesthetic performance.

The relief part of the button will make you lose your error.

Resin Dome Membrane Panel application range:

  1. 1.Machine control
  2. 2. lighting switch
  3. 3.Emergency system
  4. 4.Ocean interface

Membrane Panel

- Quality products from niceone keypad

With a sealed surface, easy to clean and affordable.

Can be customized in various shapes and surfaces.

Has a big application scope.


Aluminum PCBs are known as printed circuit boards that have a conducting material in them. They are manufactured for the first time in the early 70s. After their development, they become the most popular and demanding universal aluminum PCB of the time. At early stages, they were used in Amplification Hybrid Circuits. But now in the present situation. They are widely used on larger scales. Now it is necessary to have some knowledge about Aluminum PCB, and what role they are playing in our community? Designing of folding and non-folding printed circuit boards are different from each other. Generally, they are customized to meet the requirement or needs of the customer. They are made on the demand of the customer or client from its base to the printed circuit board. Their thin layer base is made with the well-known base material that is ceramic fiberglass or plastic substrate. Whereas, aluminum PCBs are extremely useful in many different applications. They are excellent thermally conductive PCBs and perfect electrical insulation. It has a highly conducting metal base which delivers great performance.


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