What is Electronic Board Repair Service?

18 Apr, 2022

By ren

Circuit boards can be damaged during and after the manufacturing process, which is unfortunate. Corporations destroy damaged PCBs and replace them in most situations, which is a costly technique for dealing with unavoidable manufacturing errors. Some PCB and original equipment manufacturers use electronic Board Repair Service to repair damaged and defective circuit boards, changing them into usable goods. You may reduce waste and boost product yields in your operation by implementing this method.

Precision Circuit Board Repair Service and rework, high-tech rework stations, employee training, and consultancy to help PCB manufacturers, product development organizations, and other businesses depending on circuit boards uncover process problems. Learn more about the various printed circuit board repair and rework services.

Electronic Board Repair Service for Various Reasons

During and after manufacture, a PCB might be damaged. A circuit board may need to be repaired or reworked for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A defect in the manufacturing process was discovered.
  • After manufacture, a design problem was found.
  • The printed circuit board had been mishandled or had been damaged by impact.
  • Too much solder on the PCB, broken traces, or other issues.

Repairing these flaws rather than tossing the entire circuit board can help you detect manufacturing process problems and save a failed project without breaking the bank. Precision PCB Services provides a variety of Electronic Board Repair Services and rework services to assist clients in recovering damaged circuit boards and improving their manufacturing and in-house repair processes.

A lot of things can go wrong with a circuit board. Some issues, like breakage, are straightforward to recognize, while others may be far more difficult to discover. Europepcb provides a variety of Electronic Board Repair Service to meet your requirements. These services may include, but are not restricted to, the following:

Gold Fingers Repair

The gold fingers on the periphery of your printed circuit board are decorative elements. They are frequently exposed to solder splash during wave soldering in this place. Your PCB may not function properly if the edge contacts are contaminated with solder or damaged.

Our professionals can assist you in avoiding scraping boards due to gold finger damage. They can repair or replace polluted or broken connections on your PCB and restore it to like-new condition.

BGA Pads Repair

During part removal or severe handling during shipping or cleaning, BGA pads are frequently damaged. The associated pieces may no longer function appropriately on the PCB due to this damage.

Through repair and replacing (components) services, Europepcb Electronic Services can assist in the resolution of BGA pad issues. We use several repair techniques that we've learned over the years, allowing us to tackle most BGA pad damage situations. We also have a selection of BGA pads to help with quick replacements when needed.

Through- Holes

Multi-layer boards require plated through-holes and eyelets to function correctly. Rough handling or improper part removal might cause damage to these through-holes. The PCB may no longer function correctly as a result of this damage.

Failed Components Repair

Failing PCB components is a common issue, but they can be challenging to spot. Europepcb can assist your team if your PCB components are failing.

Our professionals can find the issue by thoroughly checking all the faulty components. This testing will reveal which features, if any, are damaged or malfunctioning for whatever reason. Once we've found the defective part, we can repair, replace, or tweak it on the board to ensure its functioning correctly.


Corrosion is a typical issue with circuit boards since it occurs naturally as devices age. Metal conductors can develop a layer of iron oxide or rust due to exposure to air, water, and other pollutants.

The presence of iron oxide inhibits conductivity, lowering a board's efficiency and raising the risk of a short circuit. When PCBs are exposed to substances in the environment, they might suffer from other types of corrosion.

Europepcb can help remove corrosion and instruct your team on how to clean and maintain your PCBs to prevent further corrosion properly.

Impact Damage

Impact damage from harsh handling or dropping a PCB can show up in various ways. Dropping a PCB may cause a lot of damage, from broken gold fingers and BGA pads to cracked components, and most of it is impossible to spot.

Our professionals can assist you if your PCB isn't working correctly due to a hit. We'll thoroughly inspect your board for signs of damage and run a series of tests to pinpoint any issues. Instead of replacing the entire board, we can help your firm save time and money by repairing only the damaged portions.

Broken Traces 

During improper part removal or complex handling, circuit traces are commonly damaged. These traces can no longer conduct signals once destroyed, resulting in a PCB not working correctly.

With various approaches, our professionals can assist in the quick and easy repair of broken or damaged traces. We provide a variety of trace styles to help you get your company's circuit board back in working order quickly.


During shipment and handling, PCB corners and edges are readily damaged. Delamination and difficulties with traces and components next to the edge can readily result from these damaged edges.

Europepcb Electronic Board Repair Service will assist you in repairing edge damage on your PCB or prototype. Using the extensive experience and wide range of repair procedures, our professionals can tackle any problem requiring an epoxy fix or quality repairs (common PCB repairs).


Due to poor quality or mistreatment, solder masks frequently experience damage or are partially or removed. Solder mask detachment is commonly caused by poor solder mask quality.

However, partial or complete removal can also be caused by extreme heat or mechanical damage. It can lead to significant maintenance issues in the future and a detrimental impact on the board’s aesthetic.

We can assist you if your board's solder mask is broken or missing. Our professionals may repair or replace the solder mask, ensuring that it is securely attached to the rest of the board. We can ensure that the solder mask appears as good as new using our high-quality approach.

Board Population

On a crowded board, a variety of issues can arise. We can assess your populated PCB to discover and correct problems rapidly, from corrosion and impact damage to excess solder and malfunctioning components.

We can find and rectify any issues with our rigorous inspection process, allowing you to continue working with your good-as-new board. Thanks to our high-quality services, you may rest assured that your board will be entirely repaired.

The Soft Start Repair - Electronic Board Repair Service

If your organization employs soft starters with AC electric motors and your staff detects that they aren't performing correctly, their PCBs may be broken. When soft starters are correctly installed, they provide a motor with a unique startup mechanism that reduces the motor strain during the typical startup period.

It would help if you had these to perform at their best to gain critical benefits, such as reducing the risk of power surges, lowering energy consumption, and increasing operational efficiency. Suppose something goes wrong with your company's soft starts, whether because of a faulty component PCB or something else, Europepcb Electronic Board Repair Service can help.

According to our professionals, soft starters are prone to failure owing to excessive current, voltage, or heat. As a result, our team will be on the lookout for common indicators of these problems and take steps to prevent them.

Curve Tracer Signature Device: What Is It?

A curve tracer signature device is one tool we might utilize to examine the needs of your printed circuit board. A Source Measure Unit (SMU) is a device that monitors both voltage and current simultaneously.

The curve tracer, unlike the SMU, works by sending two synchronized stimulus impulses to the test equipment. Don't hesitate to contact Europepcb Electronic Services for more information on curve tracer signature devices and how we can utilize them to repair and test your printed circuit boards.

Should I start with Troubleshooting my PCB? - Electronic Board Repair Service

Troubleshooting is an excellent technique to find the most common problems with PCBs, especially during the design and prototyping stages. Troubleshooting can also be used to discover the most evident issues with existing PCBs, such as inadequate connections or obvious breakage.

While this type of troubleshooting can help with most PCB issues, skilled technicians should always undertake more extensive troubleshooting. We can manage all of your Electronic Board Repair Service needs from start to finish if you don't have someone on staff who can handle in-depth PCB troubleshooting and repair.

How do you go about Troubleshooting and Maintaining Soft Starts?

When your business relies on soft starts for critical machinery, your employees will want to know how to troubleshoot them to figure out what's wrong. The majority of soft starter troubleshooting and Electronic Board Repair Service, on the other hand, should be left to a team of experts.

Conclusion - Electronic Board Repair Service

A lot of things can go wrong with a circuit board. Some issues, like breakage, are straightforward to recognize, while others may be far more difficult to discover. Fortunately, we have skilled specialists that can identify a wide range of printed circuit board issues and have an Electronic Board Repair Service to solve each of these issues.


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