Box build manufacturing assembly

15 Aug, 2022

By ren

A detailed overview of Box build manufacturing assembly

What is Box Build Assembly?

A box build includes all the other assembly work involved in an electromechanical assembly, other than the production of the printed circuit board. This box build is also sometimes called, “systems integration.”

Box build manufacturing assembly

Box build, also known as systems integration, can be anything from a simple PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) housed in a small enclosure, to a cabinet housing a complex electromechanical system. Box build assembly involves everything including design, production, and construction.

A box build will mean designing and manufacturing the enclosure, installing a PCBA, installing cables and the cable harness assembly, and even installing electrical and/or pneumatic systems. RPC Manufacturing offers full services, including packaging, labeling, and shipping to your location.

The Box Build Process

The box build process is specific to each project and can include varying degrees of complexity at each step. For example, one step may include simply placing a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) within an enclosure. A subsequent step may include the complex task of connecting a PCBA to a user interface display.

The most common box build assembly processes include installing sub-assemblies, installing other components, routing of cabling or wire harnesses, and fabrication of enclosures.

 Common Box Build Assembly Services

The following is a list of the common box build assembly services an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider can provide:

  • System-level assembly
  • product assembly
  • sub-level product assembly
  • packaging
  • labeling
  • testing
  • software installation
  • product configuration
  • warehousing
  • order fulfillment
  • after-market service
  • repair
6 Ways To Shorten The Box Build Assembly Process

The following items are important pieces of information to provide an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. The information contained here can shorten box build assembly timelines and provide for a higher quality electromechanical assembly.

Product Dimensions

Dimensions of the unit include detail on the size and weight of the assembly. This detail gives the EMS the necessary information to make decisions about how the units will be handled throughout the complete box build assembly process. Storage, transportation, packaging, and shipping are all processes that are influenced by dimension information.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

The bill of materials is arguably the most important piece of information supplied to an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. It is known as the formula, recipe, or ingredients list. The BOM helps the EMS understand all of the key components and materials that need to be sourced and what will be provided directly by the client.

Every item on a bill of materials has a specific purpose, procurement process, and associated cost.

The BOM should have details concerning item number, reference designator, part description, quantity, manufacturer name, manufacturer part number, package, part type, etc.

A well-crafted bill of materials can help the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider anticipate production delays and establish alternative plans for the box build.

3D CAD Model

A visualization of the final product is incredibly important to the box build process. A 3D CAD (three-dimensional computer-aided design) model can provide such a visualization. Software packages for 3D CAD design are commonplace amongst electronics contract manufacturers. These 3D CAD tools can also convert computerized drawings into build instructions that can shorten the complete box build process.

Sample Unit / Prototype

A completed product assembly can be an important physical tool to plan the box build, especially when other sources of information are unavailable. An EMS can often take a customer’s rough prototype and quickly manufacture multiple equivalent assemblies. A highly skilled electromechanical assembly team can often replicate a complete box build with minimal documentation beyond the sample prototype unit provided by the customer.

Testing Use Cases

A customer should identify which tests need to be performed during box build assembly. Use cases for testing can include visual inspection, factory acceptance testing, and specific functional tests.

With any electrical device, safety is a major consideration. Basic testing of electrical systems includes the earth bond test and the flash test. An experienced EMS will guide the types of testing that should be performed during the box build to optimize production time and provide a safe electromechanical assembly.

What Is the Value of a Custom, High-Quality Box Build Assembly?

The benefit of having a box built custom-made is that it can be created to your specific requirements. It can be built to be compatible with all your existing systems and designed to help your systems run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

‘Off the shelf’ box builds will often suffice in achieving much of what you need, but rarely in every need for your process. This can be problematic for critical businesses where anything less than perfect isn’t good enough as it could impact margins and profits. By having RPC Manufacturing create a custom box build created for your business, you won’t have to sacrifice functionality and/or compatibility in any way.

Quality Assurance

Another benefit of a custom box build is that you can be assured of quality. Mass-produced items tend to compromise in terms of the standard of materials they use. When it comes to a custom build, however, you get full control over the quality of the components. This helps ensure you get the performance that you need, compatibility, and longevity. We also fully document and audit all of our quality control procedures to help ensure our clients are delighted with our service every time. Many of our components are produced in-house, allowing us to add further promises to the quality of our box builds.

Value for the Cost

Not only are you assured of quality but, with RPC Manufacturing, you are also assured of excellent value for money. As custom wiring harness manufacturers, and manufacturers of other components, we don’t have to pay inflated prices from other manufacturers. Our purchasing team can source the best materials at a great price, and operate efficiently to cut costs further. This means that we can create box builds at a competitive price but without having to compromise on quality.

A custom box build will even allow you to have the enclosure built to your specifications, helping it to fit in its location, while also suiting your preferences aesthetically.

Why do you need Box to build manufacturing assembly?

Today, a contract Box build manufacturing assembly manufacturer is good not only to formally have an ISO 9000 certificate but also to have real working processes and quality systems. This guarantees not only the measurement of quality parameters but also their analysis. It comes based on which quality improvement measures are good to implement.

In the majority of build manufacturing assembly enterprises, the utilization of production capacities is 30-40%. This is mainly because technological equipment comes both morally and physically. The average age of a standard piece of equipment is 15 years. It is a sad fact that the typical PP technology lags behind the global one by at least five years.

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If you are looking for a manufacturer that can handle all your box build assembly needs, look no further than RPC manufacturing. EuorpePCB Manufacturing specializes in custom box build assembly and this means we will create a box build tailor-made for your needs. Our experienced and talented team has the expertise to create a solution that is tailor-made to your needs. For a solution that works just how you need it to work, feel free to contact us at any time.


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