What to know as an HDI PCB Manufacture

26 Aug, 2022

By hqt

When they get compared with simple conventional boards, HDI PCBs have proved to be denser per unit area. Let’s know more about the HDI Printed circuit board and what things should be in the mind of an HDI PCB manufacturer.

HDI PCB Manufacture

HDI Printed circuit board:

The reason why HDI PCBs are better than other conventional boards is that they have finer spaces and lines. Similarly, they have minor vias and capture pads as well. The higher connection pad density makes them high quality and a better product as well.

Why HDI PCBs are more famous and more used by manufacturers:

If you are a newbie and don’t know or have a particular direction in the PCB manufacturing industry, our recommendation would be to add the HDI PCB designs to your list. Why are we suggesting this? This is because most of the competitors that you are about to compete with are already using the high-density interconnect PCB. They are using it and earning quality profit from it as well.

HDI PCB fabrication is one way of broadening your range and making room for PCB manufacturing to become more efficient and give a good and faster transmission. Various companies are using these and it's benefiting them in more ways because it is on the list of advanced circuits.

Features & Specification:

As the HDI PCBs are a leading name in the ever-growing industry, so let’s look out for the features and specifications and know more about them. Following are the features of hdi printed circuit boards:

  • With the high circuit density, it can incorporate and adjust finer lines which is a plus point in printed circuit board manufacturing.
  • It can also incorporate smaller vias and can have higher connection pad densities as well.
  • The exciting thing is it has the feature of blind vias, and buried vias and possess many microtia techniques which makes them less in diameter when measured i.e. 0.06.
  • There is the feature of direct laser imaging or laser drills.
  • The material is metal-core and is in the category of flex or rigid-flex.
  • Also, it has the ability of built up laminations and great signal performance considerations as well.
  • As told earlier about microtia, the size of microtia can be down to even 25 microns which make the product high-quality.
  • The line and spacing (width) can be down to 19 microns as well.
  • The copper thickness can be down to 5 microns.
  • The dielectric thickness can be down to 12 microns.
  • With the sequential build technology, there is the feature of blind and buried as well and also the option of copper via fil is available too.

The application of HDI PCBs:

The usage of HDI boards in the industry is very broad and wide. It is used in small-scale as well as large-scale industries. They will be found in almost every advanced piece of equipment or digital technology. They can be found in the following devices:

  • Smartphones
  • Android devices
  • Tablets

The reason they are used vastly is because of the minimalistic style which leads to miniaturization and that is the key for these devices. Similarly, the range of the device doesn't finish here. There is so much more to them, they are also used in:

  • Automobiles
  • Aircraft technology
  • Electronic devices
  • Other modes of transportation

This makes the HDI printed circuit boards special as they cover a wide range of products.  

The third application of HDI PCBs is in the most effective and critical area. This area of application is the medical area. Because for making a state of the art technology, it needs small packages and a high transmission rate. Therefore HDI PCBs are paving their way very fastly in the field of the medical area.


An example of an application area of it would be in the implants category. Any implants that are used for treating patients for medical procedures need to be small. And HDI works the best here as it is easily small enough that it can fit in a human body.

Also, anything can be made small enough, but the requirement doesn't finish here. It should effectively and efficiently allow for high-speed signal transmission as well. He works the best and qualifies as the number one as it can be said easily, that it's a blessing from god making the life of human beings easier. It has various applications in medical devices, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Medical equipment
  • Emergency room monitors
  • Ct scans
  • Implants
  • ENT devices

What more applications does hdi cover?

From the above applications, it can be easily said no matter what industry you are from and whatever the manufacturing process is, hdi printed circuit boards have a part in those.  Then be it electronics or medical the advanced PCB is making lives easier.

This can be gone without any further saying that as a PCB manufacturer, HDI PCBs should be on your list. Not only it will make every product more efficient than you manufacture but will help your business grow and achieve heights as well.

Cost-effectiveness of HDI PCBs:

As an HDI PCB manufacturer, the main thing for you would be how cost-saving a product is. The cost of HDI PCB can also be reduced when you properly plan out how the whole process is going to stack out. The design and manufacturing process also last very long because of microtia.

Microvia is known to prove very durable and long-lasting. So it's a safe investment with a variety of benefits that one can avail.

Key benefits:

  • These PCB materials of HDI have given designers freedom and flexibility. Because of the advanced equipment, now they are freer to choose in terms of design and manufacturing.
  • Designers can place small components even closer to each other because HDI PCB provides a wide range of space to work with because of advanced PCB usage.
  • All of this lead to faster transmission of signals and a great and enhanced signal transmission quality.

Why you need a good PCB service provider:

For a high-quality product, a good service provider is a requirement as a good manufacturer will decide the fate of the product. The whole process of HDI PCB manufacturing is complex because there are so many intricate details that need to be in mind during the manufacturing process.

All of this process should be done in a professional environment. The place should possess state-of-the-art technology. Well, don't worry if you are unable to find a good manufacturer!

We have good news for you because Europe PCB is known to provide the best services and they are known as one of the great service providers of PCB assembly manufacturers all around Europe and provide their services in SMT & DIP and much more.

Why Choose Europe PCB:

Following are some of the reasons why you should choose them for your services and why they can be a suitable suit for your services:

  • With the promise of great service, Europe PCB will provide a guarantee of delivery as well.
  • They have a team of professionals and specialize in the field of engineering and supply chain teams as well.
  • They have excellent machinery and devices to make precise products.
  • They also have professional designers that create the best designs with very few errors.
  • They have the departments of quality assurance and quality control to endure the best services.
  • In order to make sure the satisfaction level of customers is met, Europe PCB provides its customer with a quick response so their queries can be dealt with in an efficient manner.

We hope that you find this article useful as we covered the whole process of why HDI PCBs should be used and cover their importance in various aspects of life.

Europe PCB will help you achieve success in your business as they have proved themselves as a great service provider.  Following that they have great customer support that will be happy to assist you in your whole process. They will guide you about the manufacturing process and how to make use of the products to make your business even better and more growing.


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