22 Nov, 2021

By hqt

Mistake measurement and recovery

Preliminary measurement of PCBs

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In-Sight D900

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Developed diode (LED) Illumination energy source Efficient energy sum Multi-efficiency Positive increase and increase The existing train, medical treatment and consumption products Medium application. LED printed circuit board (PCB) restraint. PCB recovery, encapsulation of densely populated areas in a small area.

A large number of connections Meaning Possible arrivals Various types of failures. Neglect, the final assembly time, the security, the zero case, the possible guidance performance decline, the Japanese product has expired.

Yuu Electric circuit board background recovery, additional small elements, large number of potential cases, large potential, and PCB-like external view.

Europepcb depth learning is the same as that of the same time. Note: A collection of PCB images that have been measured in parallel with other methods. Deep learning can be done in multiple dimensions. Welding tool Measuring tool Welding defect, 焊 桥, Defective zero case, Unmatched zero case Japanese immediate use Developed fine details, parallel projection on the image.

Transforming the design of the circuit board, or changing the cause of a certain cause. Unnecessary programming.


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