PCB Design FAQ

08 Jan, 2022

By hqt

What does the design process include?

Design specifications, design instructions, customer design requirements and related CHECKLIST, and provide layout files and structure files for customers to conduct layout review; customers confirm the rationality of the layout, stacking scheme, impedance scheme, structure, package, and confirm the wiring parameters

What information do I need to provide for PCB design?

The customer needs to provide information: schematic diagram, netlist, structure diagram, device information for the new library, design requirements, etc.

What design data do PCB design output to customers?

Design data output: PCB source files, Gerber files, assembly files, stencil files, structural files, etc.

How to charge for PCB design

Generally 1-3 USD/PINS. This price provides invoices, contracts, nondisclosure agreements, and more. The specific needs to be evaluated according to the difficulty of the product

Is it possible to make PCB samples after design?

We have our own PCB and SMT processing factory, which can meet customers' one-stop service from design to proofing?


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