Zenit PCB

21 Nov, 2021

By hqt

Simple CAD system for schematic diagrams and PCB design

Simple and flexible CAD ZenitPCB is a semi-professional software for drawing electrical circuits and tracing printed circuit boards. The application consists of four independent modules: ZenitCapture (electrical diagram editor), ZenitParts (component editor), ZenitPCB GerberView (Gerber file viewer) and ZenitPCB itself (printed circuit board editor). The sequence of operations in the ZenitPCB program is as follows: placing components in the ZenitCapture module, setting connections between them, creating a list of connections, developing a board outline in the ZenitPCB module, loading the list of connections into the ZenitPCB module, routing operations.

ZenitCapture schematic editor

The ZenitCapture module is very convenient, contains almost all the basic tools and makes it easy to draw the necessary diagram. Unfortunately, the component library of the ZenitPCB program is small, only about 1000 elements. To create the required parts, the ZenitParts module is used, which allows you to view all information about the components, edit them, copy them to other libraries, rename, delete, and also filter the entire list. The ZenitPCB module supports the creation of both single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards. It is possible to import netlists from such well-known CAD systems as Orcad , Eagle , Prote l, Pads and Multisim... The presence of a master footprint editor allows you to create footprints such as SOIC, SIP, QFP, PLCC, DIP.

ZenitPCB includes ERC circuit diagram validation and DRC technology constraint validation. It is also worth noting: the ability to change units of measurement - millimeters (minimum resolution 0.01 mm) or inches (0.001 inches), rotation of components, auto-renaming of elements according to specified criteria, creating a list of materials used, setting colors of layers and components, setting jumpers, creating copper-clad areas; and more. The application has free-flowing menus and contextual help.

At the output, the ZenitPCB program generates Gerber 274X and NCDrill files, allowing you to order printed circuit boards from any manufacturer. It also supports import / export of DXF-files, export of IDF (3D) files, printout of work results in each module of the application. On the downside, ZenitPCB software lacks useful features such as automatic routing and automatic placement of component cases.

ZenitPCB PCB Editor

ZenitPCB software was developed by Stortini Mirko Bruno, an Italian PCB designer (Italy, Marche region, Ancona). In his spare time, he develops software in Borland Delphi and Visual C ++. The first CAD version ZenitPCB was released in 2006. The app is updated regularly.

ZenitPCB CAD is free, but limited to a maximum of 800 pins / pads.
On the website of the developers of the program, there are many video tutorials that allow you to better understand this software. The distribution includes a detailed help file and examples of work performed.

ZenitPCB software is offered with an English interface. In addition, there is an Italian version of the program. There is no Russifier for this software.

The program is small in size and does not require system resources. It runs under the Microsoft Windows operating system, and all the latest versions are supported.


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