Flexible PCB assembly for power cable

Things you need to know about Flexible PCB for power cable Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are crucial to the general operation of electrical equipment. The layout of your flexible PCB assembly for power cable and the kind of cabling you choose will both affect how well it performs. The cable assembly and other parts you… Continue reading Flexible PCB assembly for power cable

Immersion silver PCB

What is Immersion Silver PCB? Printed circuit boards (PCBs) need an additional polish to improve their qualities. Although there are other options, Immersion silver PCB is the most common. Even professionals could have trouble carrying out the procedure or contrasting it with other accessible solutions. Let's examine the immersion silver method in more detail, identify… Continue reading Immersion silver PCB

HDI any-layer printed circuit boards

What are printed circuit boards with HDI layers? In contrast to a typical circuit board, a high-density interconnector, commonly known as an HDI any-layer printed circuit boards,  is a form of printed circuit board that has many interconnections and takes up the least amount of space. To give the circuit board a small and portable… Continue reading HDI any-layer printed circuit boards

Custom PCB printing and assembly

Everything you need to know about custom PCB and assembly Custom PCB printing and assembly A-TECH has successfully met many high expectations and unique demands from our cooperative brands and is still seeking improvement and breakthroughs with our strong focus on sincerely delivering our brand values and brand goals, which has led to a steady… Continue reading Custom PCB printing and assembly

Multilayer PCB

What are Multilayer PCB and its manufacturing process? Multilayer PCB: Only DIP packages of electronic components were first available, and PCB boards were typically big in size to provide greater room for PCB wiring and connections. But as a result of nanotechnology research, SMD (Service Mount Device) components are now used in electronics. SMD components… Continue reading Multilayer PCB

Prototype circuit board assembly

Influence of Prototype circuit board assembly on PCB manufacturing Making PCBs is a difficult process. As a result, it's critical to avoid certain production mistakes. A critical phase of PCB production is PCB prototyping. Also, the PCB prototype board gives a lot of benefits. PCB makers look for methods to save expenses and wait times.… Continue reading Prototype circuit board assembly