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26 Aug, 2022

By ren

Metal core PCB:

The metal core PCB is made of the thermal insulating layer, metal plate, and also metal copper foil. It has some exciting features like high thermal conductivity, great mechanical strength, and processing performance that is unmatched.

metal core PCB manufacturer

But without any further due, first, let’s resolve the mystery of its various names like thermal PCB and metal backed PCB, etc. basically it’s because it's the type of PCB that is metal-based and this metal material works as the heat spreader portion of the board.

Now for the base material of Meta core, it includes aluminium and copper. Aluminum PCBs have good heat transferring function while copper substrate can show an even better performance than aluminium.

But its price factor makes it less attractive for customers as for those who are looking for something economical. While if they both get combined it leads to metal core PCBs. 

The thick metal that is mostly made of aluminium or copper covers one side of the PCB. The metal substrate can be either in the middle or sometimes present on the back of the board.

The main purpose:

The main purpose of a metal-core printed circuit board is for heat transfer. It works by redirecting the heat to less critical areas like the metal heat sink of the metallic core.

This way it can save the sensitive or critical components that can get damaged due to the exposition of a lot of heat.  Also, MCPCBs are metal based and therefore are used as an alternative to CEM3 boards.

Usage of metal core PCB in LED applications:

In this modern age where the LED industry was flourishing on a large scale, there was one problem. It was the problem of heat transferring that led to confusion and puzzled the manufacturers on how they can keep making LEDs.  The major issue came in the high-power LEDs in the area of lighting.

Then came the cost-effective solution that was the utmost winner. It was a metal substrate that gave a perfect solution for the issue of heat dissipation.

Clients are more attracted to aluminum PCBs. This is because aluminum pcbs are more cost-effective and economical. And they can be used for various purposes like the audio frequency, apparatus used and even led lighting.

Therefore, they are preferred, but they don't know the exciting advantages and benefits that they can avail of while using metal pcbs.

Specifications of metal core PCB:

The specifications of a metal core PCB are as follows:

  • The metal core printed circuit board is made of alloys mostly copper and aluminium but sometimes it also includes other mixtures of alloys.
  • As a metal core PCB manufacturer, the specifications say a lot about manufacturing. Our recommendation to get a good manufacturer would be Europe PCB. This is because they can make custom-made metal-core PCBs for you. Some of the specifications that they can give are shown below:
  • The base material is copper or aluminium.
  • The thermal conductivity can range from 0.8, 1.5, to even 3.0 w/m.
  • The thickness of the board ranges from a minimum of 0.5mm to 3mm.
  • The copper thickness can start from 0.5 oz. and go up to 6 oz.
  • The solder mask can be n multiple options i.e. white, black, blue, green, and even red oil.
  • The silkscreen color that is given is either black or white.
  • Lastly, the surface finish is mostly done with immersion gold, hasl, and even osp.

Single Sided & double sided metal core pcbs:

Single-sided is more popular when it comes to choosing a category in metal core pcbs. It’s used in applications like led lighting, consumer products, and even automotive lighting.

While the double-sided metal core pcbs combine the traditional PCB material i.e. fr4 separated by either aluminium PCB or copper.

Why choose metal core, PCB manufacturer:

W learned about the specifications and features of metal core pcbs but what are the benefits one can get after opting for this type of PCB which is metal core PCB?


Dielectric polymer layer:

In order to get lower thermal resistance, MCPCBs can be pretty beneficial as they can integrate a dielectric layers along with high thermal conductivity.

Transfer of heat:

The transfer of heat through metal core PCB is way faster than the other type of boards like fr4 pcbs.

They prove helpful in keeping those high heating components to a cool level. This adds life and makes the components much more efficient to use.


Even if the environmental conditions vary, the size of the metallic printed circuit board will remain stable as compared with other materials like fr4.

Lightweight and resilient nature:

The metal substrate pcbs are lightweight and more resilient. They are more conductive than others because other PCB manufacturing is done by using epoxy materials.

Also, are less expensive and more environmentally friendly, and can be easily recycled. So, this makes sure that any manufacturer that is about to get invested in making metal core pcbs will contribute to saving our planet earth as well.

Less breakage:

They are resilient and sturdy which leads to the possibility of accidental breakage very minimal.

Applications of metal core pcbs:

Metal core pcbs are used in a variety of applications. Most of them are day-to-day used technology. Following are some of the applications in which metal core pcbs play a very special part in:

  • They are used in LEDs and products that require high-power light emitting diodes.
  • Metal core printed circuit boards are used in desktops and computer backlight led displays as well.
  • Who knew street lights were a gift from metal core pcbs? They also use the PCB assembly of metal core pcbs.
  • They are used in medical and other industrial monitoring systems.
  • Audio devices and motor control applications and various electronic devices are also made by using metal substrate.
  • Photovoltaics are also made using metal core pcbs.
  • Lastly, all the high power scanning technology has somehow a role played by metal core pcbs. It’s because of its vast usage it’s preferred by many PCB manufacturing companies.

Why you need a good metal core PCB manufacturer:

Earning and spending money is hard? Before any investment is made it should be made sure that the products get used at the maximum level. For that, the product needs to be durable and long-lasting.

So, if you also want your products to be of high quality make sure you connect to a good service provider. If you want professional behavior and a good service provider, then here is a piece of good news for you!

Europe PCB is known to provide the best services and they are known as one of the great service providers of PCB assembly manufacturers all around Europe and provide their services in SMT & DIP and other board components much more.

As told above they can even make customized products and applications for their customers.

Why Choose Europe PCB:

  • Europe PCB provides fast and in-time delivery services with effective cost.
  •  They are certified as they are listed in leading Led printed circuit boards companies that got the ISO9001 in 2015. This ensures the high quality of products and enhanced and efficient service provision.
  • They have a team of professionals and experts in the field of engineering and supply chain team as well.
  • Europe PCB is offering led PCB applications services which include PCB assembling, manufacturing, batch, and sample orders.
  • There is no risk of the fake product if you are in touch with Europe PCB for Led printed circuit board’s service because of certifications and years of experience.
  • They have the best inspection equipment to ensure the quality of the product.
  • They have departments of quality assurance and quality control to ensure the best services.
  • In order to make sure the satisfaction level of customers is met, Europe PCB provides its customer with a quick response so their queries can be dealt with in an efficient manner.

So what are you waiting for? Get your orders placed now and enjoy the best services.


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