Printed circuit board assembly services

21 Jul, 2022

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What are printed circuit board assembly services?

Printed Circuit Board:

A kind of printed circuit board known as a printed wiring board is a type of printed circuit board that comprises conducting and insulating layers that are bonded together. Another name for this type of board is a printed circuit board. The printed circuit board assembly process serves two distinct yet interdependent functions. In the first phase of the PCB assembly process, soldering is used to join individual electrical components to predetermined locations on the surface layers. When you encounter Printed circuit board assembly services, you'll be able to identify them. They are the greenish boards with wires and metal parts placed inside electronic equipment. These chips are present inside electronic gadgets. Epoxy secures the circuit boards and a solder mask insulates the assembled device.

Printed circuit board assembly services

What is circuit board assembly?

The act of linking the printed circuit board's wires with the electrical pieces that make up the board is known as printed circuit board assembly. The assembly is made up of the trace or electromagnetic paths that are cut into the laminate metal sheets of PCBs. These layers are then put on top of a base that is not conducting. The final stage you must finish before using a completely working electronic device is to join the numerous electrical components to their printed circuit boards.

Which are the various ways to create printed circuit board assemblies?

The assembly of printed circuit boards is carried out with extreme caution, complete concentration on the details, and pinpoint accuracy since this will decide whether or not the electronic devices will function properly. In a perfect world, electrical appliances may be put together with printed circuit boards in the following three ways:

Surface Mount Assembly (SMT): 

Several printed circuit board assembly services companies are presently using a method that first appeared in the 1960s and underwent additional development in the 1980s. Components with metal tabs readily solderable to the printed circuit boards (PCBs) are valuable in the procedure. The approach gives a more significant circuit density when the components are mounted on both sides of the PCBs. It is one of the benefits of using it.

Plated through-hole technology (PTH): 

This procedure requires using components that already have leads attached to them to be successful. PCBs intended to be used for this assembly already have holes punched when purchased from the manufacturer. Because the wires were successfully inserted into the drilled holes, connecting the PCBs with the elements has been dramatically streamlined and is now much more straightforward.

Electromechanical assembly: 

This technique, which is also known as box-build assembly, involves the usage of elements such as wire harnesses and looms in addition to molded plastics, cable assembly, and specialized hardware to construct printed circuit boards with electrical parts.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services:

 Assembly services for printed circuit boards are the most in-demand services across a wide variety of industries. It is the case in both the private and public sectors. One of the most common types of material used in industrial electromechanical configurations is the printed circuit board. It is because modern electronics have an essential component of every sector. Many different applications call for printed circuit board assembly services that adhere to a variety of different standards. Europe PCB is acutely conscious of the significance of providing consumers with the opportunity to customize their printed circuit boards (PCBs). As a result, we provide services for the assembly of electronic components. We offer a comprehensive selection of printed circuit board assembly services, which include design, prototype, and assembly services that you may tailor to meet the specific needs of individual clients.


You must carry out services related to the assembly of printed circuit boards (PCB) with care and attention to detail. Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services has many applications, including those in the industrial and household spheres. The assembly quality of a circuit board is directly related to the functionality of an electronic device. Only when the assembly is up to par will the tightly knit structure, which is made up of a variety of parts such as copper foils, aluminum panels, epoxy resins, and fibreglass, operate to the level that is merited. Choosing one of these PCB assembly services depends on the circuit board design and the used parts.

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) electrical assemblies
  • Print Circuit Boards mechanically assembled

Steps involved in the assembly of a printed circuit board:

To effectively do PCB assembly, you need to follow some key stages, which are as follows:

  • Complete the design of your printed circuit board and mark drill sites on the metal board in key spots according to your design (wear a dust mask to avoid any toxic metal dust or small particles).
  • Arrange the components of the circuit board so that they are perfectly aligned with the design of your printed circuit board (PCB).
  • Make the necessary adjustments to the polarity of the components so that the positive and negative ends correspond appropriately.
  • Use solder to securely join the components to the board in the locations to which they have been assigned. When ready to attach the pieces to the board, you may use either tin or lead solder.
  • Use tweezers to pick up the smaller parts and then use adhesives or epoxy resins to connect them to their appropriate locations on the circuit board.
  • After the printed circuit board has been built, do a careful inspection to look for loose ends.
  • Using a multimeter, check the integrity of the connections on the circuit board to see if there are any problems.
  • If there are any problems, de-solder the components that aren't working correctly, fix them, and then solder them back together before the final assembly.
  • Once the PCB has been entirely built, you should install it where it will remain permanently.

PCB Manufacturing and Assembly Process

For producing high-quality and high-performance completed circuit boards, Europe PCB uses a systematic approach as one of the top PCB assembly manufacturers. To provide Europe PCB assembly services, we perform these steps:

PCB Design: 

To begin, we'll assemble your printed circuit board. The PCBs may be tailored to the client's specifications. During the prototype stage, we can test for PCB failures and fix them before manufacturing begins, saving time and money in the long run.

Material and Component Procurement:

Following the client's approval, high-quality materials and components are obtained. A pre-manufacturing phase ensures that high-quality components will be available. We can only provide high-quality electrical assembly services if we have high-quality supplies.

Solder Paste Application/ Stenciling: 

In this phase, the actual manufacture of the PCB starts. In the fabrication of any PCB, stenciling is always the first and most important process. Using a stencil, we will decorate the board at this stage. After that, solder paste helps to complete the project. 

Component Mounting:

We choose to install components using a pick-and-place procedure that operates inside a traditional LED surface mount technology framework. We implement a pick-and-place component mounting method employing robotic arms as part of our automated PCB production process—this aids in rapidly mounting components and lowers the likelihood of mistakes caused by human hands. Thanks to our highly developed and automated component mounting capabilities, we can fulfill complicated Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services. These include BGA, UBGA, and CSP needs, amongst others. Automated element installation has increased the efficiency of our electronic assembly services.


A solder or filler substance such as lead/tin is placed at the connecting locations of features and heated in the furnace before being naturally cooled to complete the operation. Mounting the component is now secure. Lead-free soldering is another service that we provide.

Inspection and Testing:

Post-production inspection and testing are standard operating procedures at Europe PCB. As one of the most quality-focused PCB assembly businesses, we place a high value on the quality and performance of our custom printed circuit board assembly services. As you can see, our testing and inspection methods follow.

Once the printed circuit board assembly is accomplished, we offer a variety of testing and verification techniques.

  • The creation and testing of boundary scans
  • Burn it test (BIT)
  • Test with a soaring probe (FPT)
  • Test for proper operation of electronic circuits (FCT)
  • Circuit testing (ICT)
  • Setting up and confirming everything is working appropriately.
  • Test program creation
  • X-ray examination and 3-dimensional AOI

Silicon Valley clients may use "bone-piles" (failure ICT and FCT boards) to depend on our diagnosis and repair solutions. 

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Custom Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services are the specialty of Europe PCB, which specializes in providing high-quality products. We are one of the well-regarded PCB assembly manufacturers because of our dedication to delivering innovative electronic assembly services at short turnaround times without sacrificing quality. If you're seeking high-quality items, see us at our store. You will meet all of your printed circuit board needs. 


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